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Laboratories & Workshops of the Design Department

Laboratories & Workshops

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Haptische Visualisierung von Architekturprojekten auf einem Multitouch-Tisch

Interaction Design Lab (IDL)

The Interaction Design Lab (IDL) sees itself as a contact point for interaction design experts from industry and science, both nationally and internationally. As an interface between education, research and development, it facilitates a transfer of technology, design and knowledge and offers space for multidisciplinary projects. The Interaction Design Lab bundles research interests and competences…

Blick in die Buchbindewerkstatt. Es arbeiten 3 Studierende an ihren Projekten.

Bookbinding Workshop

The bookbinding workshop of the design department offers all possibilities for professional work with the materials paper, cardboard, paperboard and fabric. Books, brochures, booklets, folders, cassettes, boxes and packaging of all kinds can be produced and finished.

Studierende lernen am Laptop

Computer Labs of the Design Department

The labs can be used around the clock. They are used for courses (for course list see notice in LW/room 140). In addition, university members can borrow portable computers and beamers by arrangement.

Anwendung einer mobilen Augmented Reality-Anwendung auf einem Tablet im Graphic AR Lab.

Graphic AR Lab

The Graphic AR Lab explores the possibilities of augmented reality for visual design at the interface between digital and analogue media.

Blick in die Risowerkstatt. 3 Studierende arbeiten dort an Projekten.

Graphics Laboratory/Screen Printing Workshop

The graphics lab is an analogue and digital printing workshop with a focus on screen printing and risography. The basics of various printing techniques are taught and practised here. The graphics lab produces publications, posters, fanzines, flyers, prints, unique pieces and experiments in a wide variety of editions. Large-format foil plots for the wall or prints on textiles, wood or glass are…

Blick in die Interfacewerkstatt, in der Studierende an VR-Projekten arbeiten.

Interface Workshop

The Interface Workshop bundles different prototyping technologies.

Blick in die Räumlichkeiten des Drucklabors, wo Studierende ihre Arbeiten für den Druck vorbereiten

Laboratory for DTP, Digital Printing and Colour Management

The laboratory for DTP, digital printing and colour management is used as part of the design department's teaching. Lectures inform about the basics and special information of colour management, the handling of colours and the corresponding technology in the laboratory.

Modellbauwerkstatt der FH Potsdam

Model Making Workshop

The model making workshop is universally equipped and can thus meet a wide range of requirements. The workshop is assigned to the department CITY | BUILDING | CULTURE, but can also be used interdisciplinarily and is thus also open to design students, for example.

Metallwerkstatt der FH Potsdam

Model Making, Painting and Metal Workshop

The model-making, painting and metal workshops of the Design department are creative spaces and are used for the realisation and production of mock-ups, dimension and functional models as well as finished prototypes ready for presentation.

Blick auf einen Tisch voll von künstlerischen Plastiken aus Gips

Modelling Workshop

The modelling workshop of the Design department enables manual modelling, moulding and casting of three-dimensional, plastic representations and reproductions. In the context of the design training courses, materials, technologies and theories of visual design are taught in a practical manner.

Eine Gruppe Studierender arbeitet zusammen im Videolabor vor einem Greenscreen

Multimedia and Video Lab

In the video workshop, digital video editing and post-production is possible on 4 Mac workstations. In addition, a video studio, an animation studio and an audio workshop with a voiceover booth are available.

Einblick in die studentische Arbeit im Fotostudio

Photo Studio & Photo Labs

In the photo studio, photos can be taken with the camera technology and by using the studio flash unit. In the photo labs, negatives can be developed and gradation adjustments from negative to positive can be made using colour mixing heads.

Powerdome Projektsions-System in der Urania Potsdam

Powerdome – 360° Degree Dome Projection

The 360° fulldome projection system is a powerdome system specially customised for the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam and the Urania by the company Carl Zeiss. The Powerdome system can be used to project real-time media and interactive visualisations in an immersive fulldome environment.

Studierende im TexLab


In order to design textile products with sustainable material cycles, knowledge of textile processes and fibre science is essential. The TexLab teaches the technologies of sewing, embroidery, weaving, knitting and tufting, which are applied in designs or deepened in the form of material developments. The equipment in the lab includes hand knitting machines, dobby looms, an embroidery machine and…

Blick in die Typografiewerkstatt, 2 Personen arbeiten dort an einem Projekt

Typography Workshop

The workshop sees itself as an experimental place at the interface between traditional and digital typography. Courses and workshops by announcement.

Screenshot zum Projekt "A Brief History of CO2 Emissions". Zu sehen ist Europa in der Weltraumansicht und darauf Balken, welche die Zunahme der Treibhausgasemissionen seit 1920 abbilden.

Urban Complexity Lab (UCLAB)

UCLAB is an interdisciplinary research group that combines competences from the fields of interface design, computer science and the humanities. The research work focuses on the design, development and investigation of data visualisations.

Ein Eye-Tracking-System zeichnet die Blickbewegungen eines Users auf

UX – User Experience Lab

The UX – User Experience Lab of the Design department provides students, employees and external companies and institutions with a wide range of technical facilities for the use of all common usability testing methods. The modern equipment enables the testing of interactive products and services in all phases of the research and development process.

Zwei Studierende vor einer Reihe von 3D-Druckern

Workshop for Digital Model Making

The digital modelling workshops provide students with state-of-the-art technical facilities for building models and prototypes. From 3D scanning and computer-aided design to 3D printing and CNC milling.