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Temporary Exhibition of Selected Products by Founders, Alumni and Students

Furniture, ceramics, luminaires, accessories - the product developments that come out of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam often remain hidden in drawers or behind closed doors. Once you have made it with your ideas, you are far away from the university. The pop-up show in December 2019 presented a wide range of products that have their roots at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.

Pop-up Show – Short Profiles

Saisonkalender Obst und Nüsse als Poster im Rahmen

adomeit and zwoch

Every season offers a great selection of regional vegetables! The seasonal calendar helps you keep track of everything. The calendar is clear, informative and a colourful picture for the kitchen.

Instagram channel of adomeit and zwoch

Illustrierte Postkarte daneben Bleistift und Trockenblume

Vicky Di Studio

High-quality and sustainable stationery for those special everyday moments that make life beautiful. Vicky Di Studio is inspired by mid-century design and has a heart for simple lines and harmonious colour palettes.

Website Vicky Di Studio

Jana Marlene Lippert

Hand-cast porcelain cups and ripple, a jewellery collection inspired by light reflections. The product designer creates sensual objects that trigger the desire for interaction.

Website Jana Marlene Lippert

Buch mit Titel Wer im Licht steht sieht in der Dunkelheit nichts

Verena Haltenberger

Those who stand in the light see nothing in the darkness.
This photo book is about the things that are hidden in the invisible, shadowy realm of darkness.

Vimeo portfolio of Verena Haltenberger

Design Thinking Moderationskarten als Taschenbuch

Rosa-Sophie Hamburger

Hands on Design Thinking:
There is an innovator slumbering in every human being. With the support of design thinking, everyone can learn to release this innovation potential within themselves.

Website Rosa-Sophie Hamburger

Minimalistisches Wandregal mit Büchern

Nathalie Sterzenbach

Less is more and how much less is necessary for a functional benefit? This question is answered by the minimal shelf. Here, the load-bearing function is constructed with a line. The wall serves as an additional support and thus allows the books to stand optimally.

Website "Minimal Shelf" by Nathalie Sterzenbach

Glänzende Glaskaraffe auf dunklem Untergrund

Christian Metzner Brandenburg

The label is characterised by a timeless, clear design whose formal severity is repeatedly broken with relish. Through discreet, imaginative details and an unusual choice of materials for the handmade products, the Brandenburg designer plays with the ambiguity of his concept of home with a wink.

Website Christian Metzner

Buch Kein Hawaii auf hellem Untergrund

Susanne Laser

No Hawaii - pilgrimage through Havelland:
According to Susanne Laser, the unspectacular Havelland is the ideal teacher for sharpening one's perception and standing up to the wounds of our time – immoderateness and high speed.

Website "No Hawaii" by Susanne Laser

Lampen in drei Farben

Studio Nils Fischer

The designer Nils Fischer and his team from Studio Nils Fischer are characterised by an extensive and versatile repertoire. This ranges from furniture and utilitarian objects to technical inventions with international patents.

Website Studio Nils Fischer

Filztaschen in verschiedenen Farben mit Lederhenkel

m Design Craft

Maria Radewahn shows how the traditional material felt can be interpreted in a young and new way with her label m Design Handwerk. The designer makes urban bags and modern accessories from 100 % wool felt with a clear, modern signature.

Website m Design Craft

Lampen und Aufbewahrungsgefäße aus Birkenrinde

MOYA Birchbark

An ancient Siberian craft meets modern design. With great care and attention to detail, we make products from natural birch bark that combine modern design with a time-honoured Siberian craft tradition.

Website MOYA Birchbark

Tisch mit Keramikgefäßen und Poster von Maike Panz

Maike Panz

Maike Panz is passionate about working in different areas of product design. This includes interior and exhibition design, as well as material-related, handicraft design - preferably ceramics.

Website Maike Panz

Schloss und Park Sanssouci als Illustration


Behind PakiTown is artist and architect Pakertharan Jeyabalan. What he puts on paper are hand-drawn visualisations of current, future and fictional urban views. They are filigree drawings, loving detail and drawn with precise accuracy.

Website PakiTown

Buntes Kunstwerk wird aus Stroh gefertigt

Straw marquetry

Tabea Vietzke revives the forgotten handicraft of straw kneading. The special charm of this 300-year-old technique lies above all in the iridescence and iridescence of the brightly coloured straws.

Website Straw Markets

Plakat Wortschatzkiste

Iven Sohmann Copywriter + Designer

Wortschatzkiste – Texthilfe für Gestalter*innen (Vocabulary Box – Text Help for Designers) is a DIN A0 poster that depicts the approaches, models and advice of various text professionals in the form of an oversized clustering.

Website Iven Sohmann Copywriter + Designer


ZEGM – Start-up and Management Qualification Unit

Room 3.01
Anke Lüers-Salzmann
Project coordination ESF and EXIST, initial consultation