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Internship Abroad - Get to Know a Different Working World

Gain practical experience through an internship abroad. In doing so, you will expand your professional qualifications, get to know people from other countries and cultures and improve your foreign language skills at the same time.

An internship abroad - your chance

In many degree programmes at the University for Applied Sciences Potsdam, students have to complete an internship. Take advantage of this opportunity and do your compulsory internship abroad!

Of course, you can also go abroad for an internship if your degree programme does not include a practical component. In this case, you can use the lecture-free period for shorter internships abroad or a semester off for longer stays.

Internship abroad - All information at a glance

The right time

If you want to do your compulsory internship or practical semester abroad, discuss your plans with the internship officer in your degree programme. As a rule, it is possible to complete the entire compulsory internship or parts of it abroad. Please also check your internship regulations.

A voluntary internship abroad is of course also possible.

Language skills

You need sufficient language skills in the working language. We recommend at least B1 - B2 of the European Framework of Reference. If the working language differs from the national language, it is advisable to still know a few snippets of the national language in order to make life easier for yourself when there.

In cooperation with the Volkshochschule Potsdam, the FHP offers preparatory language courses for selected languages, which are subsidised upon application to the International Office.


Find out about the necessary insurances in good time. We recommend basic coverage with international health insurance, accident insurance and liability insurance, each of which is valid for the duration of your stay abroad.


For internships outside the EU, you usually need to apply for a visa that entitles you to work in the destination country. Plan enough time in advance for this.

Graduate Internship

You can also do an internship after your graduation and receive funding for it. Internships abroad through Erasmus+ can take place after graduation, for example.


If you are planning an internship abroad that is a regular part of your studies at the FH Potsdam, talk to the internship officer in your respective degree programme first. They will be able to give you subject-specific advice and may even be able to recommend internships abroad that are suitable for you.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) also presents various placement programmes for internships abroad on its website.

Funding opportunities

Internships abroad are rarely remimbursed in such a way that you can easily live off them. Therefore, plan the financing of your stay well in advance. There are funding opportunities for stays abroad that can partly finance your internship.

Internship in Europe: Erasmus+

Students and graduates can have an internship within the countries of the EU (plus some other countries in Europe) financed through the Erasmus+ programme. As a student of the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences, you can apply for Erasmus+ funding for internships abroad directly at the Leonardo-Büro Brandenburg at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg.

Apply for Erasmus funding at the Leonardo Office Brandenburg

Internship worldwide: PROMOS

An internship worldwide outside the Erasmus+ area with a minimum stay of six weeks can be financed through the DAAD PROMOS scholarship. Advice and application is available at the International Office of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.

PROMOS scholarship


BAföG is also available abroad. All students who are generally eligible for support can receive BAföG funding for stays abroad. The higher funding rates for education abroad mean that many students are also eligible for BAföG who do not receive funding in Germany because their parents' income is too high.


DAAD Scholarship Database

You can find a comprehensive overview of other funding opportunities in the DAAD scholarship database .

DAAD Scholarship Database

Reflective reports

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