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Campus Specialists in the Social and Educational Sciences Department

Offers of the Campus Specialists in the Social and Educational Sciences Department

Cover des Podcast über Bildung und Erziehung in der Kindheit

Podcast by Saskia and Gorden

What do educational psychology, law and empirical social research have to do with the study programme Early Childhood Education That and more in the campus specialist podcast.

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Cover zum Podcast zu Soziale Arbeit

Podcast by Lotte and Hendrik

From the application process to the individual specialisations in social work. The podcast of the campus specialists provides helpful information about studying at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.

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CampusTalk from Laura

Laura shares her experiences in the social work degree programme and tells us what makes studying at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam so special for her.

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CampusTalk with Gorden

Gorden Barsch studies Early Childhood Education and tells us about his path to study.

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Portrait des Campuspezialisten Hendrik

Hendrik, Social Work

What I like about my degree programme is ...
that we can freely choose our focus and areas of interest. I also find the degree programme very practical and the exchange with the teachers and students very enriching for my own perspective and thinking.

Why is this degree programme the right choice?
I particularly like my degree programme because I can learn a lot about different areas. Some of it is very general, but it gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in everything and see what you like. If you want to specialise, there is always the Master's programme. :)

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Campusspezialist*innen Portrait von Lotte

Lotte, Social Work

What I like about my degree programme ...
... the exchange with students and teachers, as well as the practice-oriented examination of diverse topics in the context of society and politics.

Why is the degree programme worthwhile?
It is an unbelievably diverse degree programme in which I can deepen my own interests. I really appreciate the fact that theoretical work is closely linked to practice.
I would recommend my degree programme to anyone who wants to get to grips with people and society.

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Campusspezialist Benjamin

Benjamin, Social Work

What I like about my degree programme is ...
... the appreciative and open attitude that is lived in our degree programme!

A highlight ...
... was definitely attending the seminar on systemic counselling with Dominik Sommer, where we were able to try out the methodological knowledge we had learned in the counselling process for ourselves!

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Campusspezialist*innen Portrait von Dieu Linh

Dieu-Linh, Social Work

What I like about my degree programme is ...
... the variety of seminars offered. So I can put together my schedule every semester, depending on my interests and curiosity.

Why is this degree programme the right choice?
I really like the warm atmosphere in this degree programme. This is due to the manageable number of students and the pleasant interaction with the lecturers.

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Campusspezialist*innen Portrait von Clara

Clara, Social Work

What I like about my studies ...
... the practical relevance and that I can set my own priorities according to my interests.

What was a highlight?
The highlights of my studies were the practical semester and a three-day business game in which the seminar group travelled together.

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Campusspezialist*innen Portrait von Laura

Laura, Social Work

What I like about my degree programme ...
... that you get insights into many different areas, such as psychology, sociology and politics, and that the courses are also very practical.

Why is a degree programme the right choice?
Whether a degree programme is the right choice for you is something you have to decide individually. For me, it was the right decision because you learn from many different areas and studying at a university of applied sciences is still very practice-oriented. You can already find out during your studies in which area you would like to work later or in which area not at all. You acquire many skills that are important in your later professional life.

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Campusspezialist*innen Portrait von Annemarie

Annemarie, Early Childhood Education

What I like about my studies is ...
... the closeness and atmosphere between students and teachers.
Due to the large number of diverse modules, we are offered a wide range of different fields of activity (legal, psychological, pedagogical, etc.).
Another thing worth mentioning is the beautiful campus at all times of the year and the daily visit to the cafeteria - not only my highlight, but also the highlight of many of my fellow students.

Why is the degree programme the right choice?
It offers the opportunity to learn a lot about theoretical topics and to test and consolidate them in the practical phases that take place parallel to the degree programme.
I often discover myself anew in the seminars and learn to understand myself better.
Everything is also very varied and many doors are open to us later with regard to our further career.

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Campusspezialist*innen Portrait von Lea

Lea, Early Childhood Education

What I like about my studies ...
... especially the weekly practical day, because it allows me to apply what I have learned immediately and thus internalise it faster and better. This way I can try myself out directly and find out which concepts (day care centre) and professional areas I particularly like, for example.
The module on interviewing was a highlight for me because I was able to learn a lot there for my everyday life.

Why is the study programme the right choice?
For me, the degree programme is the right choice because it prepares me well for work in the areas of raising, educating and caring for children between the ages of 0 and 12, and I am taught pedagogical and social science know-how. The work of childhood educators offers the opportunity to actively and professionally shape the living conditions of children and their families. This involves dealing with a wide variety of problems in different institutions (kindergarten, after-school care, school and family centre, etc.).

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Campusspezialist*innen Portrait von Greta

Greta, Early Childhood Education

What I like about my degree programme ...
... the diversity of the learning content and the insights into the complexity of development, pedagogy and the growing up of young individuals.
I can support and learn to understand my inner striving for change in childhood education.

My highlight ...
... is being able to give free rein to my inner child in the playful courses and thus live up to the motto "grow up and stay a child".

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Degree Programmes of the Social and Educational Sciences Department

Weitere Studiengänge
Degree programme Teaching language Start of study Application deadline
Childhood Studies and Children's Rights (MA) English Winter semester
Note: This degree programme will no longer be offered from winter semester 2024/25
Early Childhood Education (BA) German Winter semester
15.05. – 15.07. (admission restricted)
Early Childhood Studies (MA) German Winter semester
15/06 – 15/08 (free of admission)
Social Work (BA) German, English Winter semester
15/05 – 15/07 (restricted admission)
Social Work | Dual-Digital (BA) German Winter semester
15/06 – 15/07 (free of admission)