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    Name Info
    Prof. Dr. Judith Ackermann
    Research Professor for Digital Media and Performance in Social Work
    Head of the Senate
    Member of the Faculty Council
    Dr. Silvia Adelhelm
    Head of University Planning and Development
    Honorary Professor for Project Development
    Honorary Professor of Culture and Management
    Knut Andreas
    Honorary professor in the field of aesthetics
    Procurement Officer
    Michaela Arnold
    Associate Dean's Office
    Academic assistant
    Profilfoto Anna-Sophie Barbutev
    Academic staff member in the project "Wissenschaftlerinnen in die Medien"
    Deputy Chairwoman of the Ethics Committee
    Andreas Bauer
    Administrator HISinOne-RES
    Deputy Administrator Resource Management
    Administrator PC Pool
    IT support
    SEO and Web Editing
    Dörte Behrendt
    Staff of the deanery
    David Berger
    Staff member of the eLearning Unit in the "Digitale Prüfungsformate" project
    Prof. Bernd Bess
    Professor for Fundamentals of Design
    Head of the Architecture and Urban DesignProgramme
    Madeleine Best
    Prof. Matthias Beyrow
    Professor of Identity and Signs
    Chairman of the Examination Board of the Design Degree Programmes
    Honorary Professor for Aesthetics
    Academic employee of "P³Dual"
    University policy and legal advice