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Offers for Students

Your academic success is our concern! Contact us for individual counselling if you have personal concerns or problems, or take advantage of one of the competence training offers.

Individual counselling for students

Are you looking for a way to discuss your personal worries and needs during your studies confidentially and without professional bias? We will look for solutions together with you!

You can come to us with the following concerns

  • Starting difficulties in the study entry phase
  • Difficulties in the final phase of studies
  • Exam nerves
  • Doubts about studying
  • Considering a change of subject or university
  • or considering dropping out of studies

Our understanding of consulting

As student advisors, we will inform you about all questions concerning your studies and support you in making well-founded decisions in these matters. This is always very individual and the decision is ultimately made by you personally. The counselling is intended to help you help yourself. Everything discussed with us remains between us. We do not pass on any information about you, not even to university staff. Your questions and needs are at the centre of our open-ended counselling. The aim is to find a solution to your concerns. We take time for you, treat your concerns confidentially and provide neutral advice.

Appointment booking

You can book a telephone consultation (20 minutes), a digital consultation via ZOOM (40 minutes) or an on-site consultation (60 minutes) via Calenso.

Skills training and support services

In addition to the counselling services offered by the Student Counselling Service, FHP students can also take advantage of subject-neutral workshops, training, coaching and further information services. The services are free of charge and can be used by students from all faculties.


The Work@Heart programme was set up to ensure a successful career start in Brandenburg. This programme offers a free guide, coaching and mentoring to accompany your studies. In addition, insights into promising companies in Brandenburg, skills training and qualification opportunities await students who want to do everything they can to ensure a successful career start during their studies.

Click here for the career entry planning tool

Research consultation hour in the library – once a week

In cooperation with the library, the Student Counselling Service offers a research consultation hour for term papers, Bachelor's theses and Master 's theses once a week from 1:00 to 3:00 pm.

Finding the right topic and structure is not so easy? How do I cite correctly? Where is the best place to research my topic and how do I get access to the sources I find? Are there electronic media available in full text? Where can I find journal articles?

The university library offers support in this regard!

Network Queraufstieg

Everyone has doubts at some point during their studies. But what happens when doubts dominate? The Queraufstieg network offers external, mostly digital information and counselling services for students who have doubts about their studies or (would like to) drop out.

Click here for an overview of the offers on topics such as stress and resilience, competences and potentials or defining professional goals.


Maria Bütof
Staff member Student Counselling Service
Katrin Sawitzki
Staff member of the Student Counselling Service