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Studying at the Social and Educational Sciences Department

Menschen, die sich an den Händen halten

Four Bachelor's degree programmes and four Master's degree programmes – the social and educational sciences department offers a wide range of specialisation options and forms of study. In addition to regular face-to-face study, individual degree programmes offer the option of dual, part-time, English-language or continuing education study, so that personal life situations and career goals can be taken into account.

Degree Programmes

More courses
Degree programme Teaching language Start of study Application deadline
Childhood Studies and Children's Rights (MA) English Winter semester
Note: This degree programme will no longer be offered from winter semester 2024/25
Early Childhood Education (BA) German Winter semester
15.05. – 15.07. (admission restricted)
Early Childhood Studies (MA) German Winter semester
15/06 – 15/08 (free of admission)
MA Social Work with a Focus on the Family German Winter semester
15.05. – 22.06. (NC degree program)
Social Management (MA) German Summer semester
01/12 – 31/03 (free of admission)
Social Work (BA) German, English Winter semester
15/05 – 15/07 (restricted admission)
Social Work | Dual (BA) German Summer semester
15/12 –15/01 (admission restricted)
Social Work | Dual-Digital (BA) German Winter semester
15/06 – 15/08 (free of admission)

Study Advisory

Do you have questions about the degree programmes in the social and educational sciences department? Then make an appointment with one of our advisors. Are you still unsure about which degree programme suits you and how to organise your studies? Then take advantage of the services offered by the student counselling service!

Study Advisor Early Childhood Education (BA)

Dipl.-Päd. Filipe Martins Antunes

Dipl.-Päd. Filipe Martins Antunes

Academic assistant in the degree programme Early Childhood Education (B.A.)

Study Advisor Social Work (BA) and Social Management (MA)

Matthias Schreckenbach

Dipl.-Soz.Arb. Dipl.-Soz.päd. Matthias Schreckenbach, M. A.

Academic staff member for theory and practice of social work, family/youth and programme development Social Management (M. A.), curriculum planning

Study Advisor Social Work Dual-Digital (BA)

Dr. Jennifer Zimmermann

Dr. Jennifer Zimmermann

Dual Study Programme Development and Management

Study Advisor Social Work Online (BA)

Prof. Dr. Gudrun Perko

Prof. Dr. Gudrun Perko

Professor of Social Sciences with a Focus on Gender, Diversity and Mediation

Study Advisor Early Childhood Studies (MA)

Prof. Dr. Gerlind Große

Prof. Dr. Gerlind Große

Research Professor for Early Childhood Studies
Head of PINA Research Laboratory

Study advisor Social Work with a focus on the family (MA)