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Funding Opportunities for Further Education Programmes

Lifelong learning has a special significance for the labour market and society. For this reason, vocational qualification is subsidised by the state under certain conditions. Find out about current funding opportunities and get tips on educational leave.

Funding at a glance

Funding opportunities for further vocational training

On the pages of the Brandenburg further education database, you will find an overview of current support programmes offered by the state of Brandenburg, the federal government and the european union. The range of funding offers and resources includes both monetary support offers such as grants, loans or participations as well as non-monetary assistance, for example counselling or coaching.

Educational leave

Educational leave – also called "Bildungsurlaub" – is the legally regulated entitlement of employees to paid time off from work to attend recognised further education events. The details are regulated in Land laws. Ten days within two calendar years are available in Berlin and Brandenburg for political and vocational (Berlin and Brandenburg) as well as cultural (Brandenburg only) further education.

For more information on educational leave under the Brandenburg educational leave ordinance, see, and under the Berlin educational leave act, see

Most of our offers are recognised further education courses for which you can claim educational leave. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Brandenburg education voucher

Funding is provided for professional development measures for employees in companies with an operating site in Brandenburg. In addition, further vocational training measures in voluntary and full-time work in associations and child and youth welfare organisations are funded. Furthermore, company owners working in the company or in child and youth welfare organisations as well as freelancers and individual entrepreneurs can be funded. The funding is applied for via the customer portal of the Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg (ILB).

Claiming further education costs for tax purposes

Further education costs can be deducted in the annual tax return as income-related expenses or as special expenses. This applies to further education and training events (also training and study courses) that are related to gainful employment and serve either to deepen/refresh knowledge or to prepare for professional advancement. Expenses for qualifications that prepare for a professional reorientation can also be claimed for tax purposes. For more information, please contact your tax office.