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P³Dual – Recruitment and Development of Professorial Staff

In the project "P³Dual – Recruitment and Development of Professorial Staff at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam Dual", attractive career paths for doctoral students and postdocs as well as practitioners are being developed towards an UAS professorship.

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Your career at a university of applied sciences

In the interplay between theory and practice, we inspire young academics to pursue a career at a university of applied sciences and support them through long-term cooperation with practical partners. This is intended to demonstrate the UAS professorship as an attractive career path and close the gap in the search for suitable professorial staff. At the same time, we strengthen the cooperation with our strategic partners and thus create a strong basis for innovative research and transfer projects that advance the university's future fields.

Information on the project

The central element of P³Dual is the triad of practice, teaching and research in a dual model for promoting young talent. Teaching takes place at the university, while parallel research experience is gained in practical issues, for example together with companies or social institutions. Existing partnerships are developed into long-term strategic cooperations. The promotion of young researchers starts at various qualification levels: via dual models for a cooperative doctorate or a post-doctoral position, or also via corresponding models at the professorship level.

At the doctoral and post-doctoral qualification levels, participants in the P³Dual programme spend half of their time at the university doing research and teaching and half of their time working for a partner in the field. In this way, they can gain practical experience on the one hand and develop themselves further in research and teaching on the other, in order to qualify for a career as a professor at a university of applied sciences in the long term. With a strong interlocking of practical work with tasks in teaching and research, there is a benefit for all involved.

Furthermore, a strategic concept for academic personnel development is being developed in the project, the visibility of the possible career paths to a UAS professorship and the profiling of the university as an attractive employer are being advanced, cooperative models are being tested and evaluated, and the university's appointment strategy is being further developed. The tested models, structures and processes as well as qualification offers are anchored at the FHP in a sustainable and structural way.

The project is part of the federal-state programme "FH Personal" with a duration of six years (01.04.2021 - 31.03.2027).
The brief synopsis provides a compact overview of the project.

As part of the FH Personal project, a nationwide campaign "Die HAW-Professur: Karriere mit Wirkung" is being run under the auspices of Fulda University of Applied Sciences with the aim of increasing awareness and visibility of the career path to the UAS professorship nationwide and enhancing the attractiveness of the job profile.

This platform contains currently advertised professorships at universities of applied sciences (UAS) nationwide.

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Our dualers

Profile line "Design ▪ Build ▪ Preserve"

Janis Moyé

Janis Moye, M. Sc.

Academic Staff Member of "P³Dual"

Profile line "Design ▪ Build ▪ Preserve"

Vivien Nowak

Vivien Nowak, M. A.

Academic Staff Member of "P³Dual"

Profile line "Design ▪ Build ▪ Preserve"

Profile line "Forming Society"

Profile line "Forming Society"

Dr. phil. Marit Cremer

Dr. Marit Cremer

Academic staff member of "P³Dual"

Profile line "Urban Futures – Digital Transformation"

Profile line "Urban Futures – Digital Transformation"

Profile line "Urban Futures – Digital Transformation"

Our advisory board

Portrait Ulrich Hörning
© Stadt Leipzig

"I have been mayor and deputy mayor for general administration of the city of Leipzig since 2015. In this function, I am responsible for personnel, organisation, law, citizen services and digitalisation of the administration. Strengthening democratic action and awareness in administrative operations is one of my focus areas. Before joining the city of Leipzig, I worked for the Federal Ministry of Finance, the City of Mannheim, the World Bank and an international management consulting firm. I studied in Tübingen, Paris and Harvard.

I find P³Dual exciting because in Germany we need good experts and managers for contemporary urban action in challenging times.

I would like to support the programme as a member of the advisory board because new models of academic education are of great interest to me as the head of human resources for the city of Leipzig."

P³Dual Beirat Bärbel Kracke
© Anne Günther (FSU Jena)

"I am a professor of educational psychology at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena. I studied at the TU Berlin, did my doctorate in Gießen and habilitated in Mannheim. My research focuses on the professional development of young people and the preparation of student teachers for an inclusive school characterised by heterogeneity of the student body.

I find P³Dual exciting because it explores the potential of universities of applied sciences to combine research and teaching with an application-oriented focus on a scientific basis for shaping a further professional career. For graduates, it no longer has to be either practice or science, but it can be both. This is highly forward-looking."

Portrait Prof. Dr. Michael Ortgiese

"I head a department at the Institute of Transportation Systems Engineering of the German Aerospace Center and am responsible for the field of transport and mobility management at TU Berlin. Before that, I was a professor at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam and worked in industry. I would like to support P³Dual as a member of the advisory board because it opens up new exciting career opportunities for young scientists. In particular, the linking of practice and university can set new impulses here for all involved."

Portrait Prof. Dr. Dr. Godehard Ruppert
© Universität Bamberg, Jürgen Schabel

"I was president of the University of Bamberg for more than 20 years and vice president for research and young academics for two terms before that. In addition, I held and still hold various functions in the national and international science sector, including on the Brandenburg state university council.

I find P³Dual exciting because consequences are drawn here from the insight that new goals do not lie along old paths.

I would like to support the programme as a member of the advisory board, because there is an opportunity here to pave the way for qualified scientists to become professors and to find new ways of acquiring professors.

Ingrid Schoon
© Udo Borchert (Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin)

"I am professor of human development and social policy at University College London, social research institute (United Kingdom). I studied psychology in Mainz (Germany) and completed my PhD on creative achievement in architecture at Leiden University (The Netherlands).

I would like to support the P³Dual programme as a member of the advisory board, as research and development activities at universities of applied sciences provide essential impulses for the innovative capacity of society. In addition, the societal demand for academic education related to professional fields is met by research activities close to the profession. However, a major challenge is to ensure the recruitment of professorial teaching capacities at universities of applied sciences in the long term and to recruit qualified personnel for teaching and research on professionally relevant issues. Setting new impulses for this task is a personal concern of mine, as is working to facilitate transitions between types of higher education institutions and to promote permeability between vocational education and higher education."

"I graduated from the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg Bergedorf and the University of Hamburg in 1985 with a degree in industrial engineering. Afterwards, I held various marketing positions at Unilever and Mars, as a management consultant in the USA, among other places, and as a board member or CEO in the retail sector at Tchibo, Ernsting`s familiy and Takko fashion.

For some years now, I have been involved in entrepreneurial activities and support companies and institutions as an advisor or in an advisory capacity.

I think P³Dual is important because the practice-oriented, academic work creates an essential foundation for our economy.

I want to support the programme as an advisory board member because I believe in the effectiveness of interdisciplinary teams and enjoy supporting undergraduate, graduate and all other stakeholders."

Application procedure for positions in the P³Dual programme


Are you a graduate of a university, an experienced practitioner with or without a doctorate, or a PostDoc with research or teaching experience, but also looking for a stronger insight into practice? Are you interested in teaching, transfer and actively linking practice and science in highly applied and interdisciplinary research questions? Can you imagine a career at a university of applied sciences as a professor?

Then the P³Dual programme at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (FHP) is just right for you!

The next round will be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2024.


First, all applications received will be reviewed by an internal selection committee and evaluated based on the selection criteria as formulated in the calls for applications. Subsequently, selected candidates will be invited for interviews. Please also be prepared for an invitation at short notice. The interviews can take place in person or online.


Can I apply before completing the master's programme?
Yes, please submit a transcript of records and, if possible, a letter of recommendation from your supervisor. However, at the time of recruitment, the master's degree must have been completed.

What should the exposé look like?
An exposé of up to two pages should be submitted with the application. The exact doctoral/postdoctoral topic does not have to be fixed yet. The exposé should give you the opportunity to present your ideas for the research question for your possible research project and your state of knowledge on the topic. The form is based on a classic exposé. This exposé is not to be understood as a finished plan for the entire doctoral/postdoctoral phase, but merely as a source of impulses and ideas and to determine whether the prerequisites for a possible cooperation are given.

Is presence in Potsdam at the FHP a prerequisite, or is the position also conceivable regardless of location?
The basic willingness to work at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam is a prerequisite for accepting the position.

Are other commitments an obstacle if they possibly represent a time restriction?
No, only the application and the exposé are decisive. However, you should have developed a clear and realistic idea of what you want to do and convince us, the FHP and the practice partner, with your exposé. In the case of part-time employment, however, it could be difficult to achieve the project goals of a doctorate and practical experience to the extent necessary for an UAS professorship.

Does the practice partner have to be located in Potsdam or Brandenburg?
The location of the chosen practice partner can also be outside Potsdam / Brandenburg or Berlin, as long as this is compatible with the location-dependent activity at the FHP.

Can I also apply without a practice partner?
In the second funding round, we will invite applications from selected strategic partners. The calls for applications are expected to take place in the course of 2023. If you have a practice partner or a preferred practice partner and a suitable topic, you are also welcome to contact us. An exposé in which you describe your desired project is suitable for this purpose. A professor at the FHP would be indispensable for the supervision of your academic work, so this should be checked in advance. After submitting your exposé, we will check the suitability of your project.

Which practice partners are involved?
The following practice partners have participated with an LoI and have a fundamental interest in supporting research projects as practice partners in the dual concept proposed here:

Partner with LoI

Coconat OHG
DLR - German Aerospace Center e.V.
JFF Berlin gGmbH
Media Tech Hub Pro Potsdam
University Library of the Humboldt University Berlin
Vitronic Dr.-Ing. Stein Image Processing Systems GmbH (Vitronic)

Current practice partners of the dual students

Civil Servants' Housing Association Berlin eG
Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM)
DABB Digital Agency Brandenburg GmbH
Institute for Advanced Training Research & Development IFFE e.V.
KommMit e.V.
State Capital Potsdam
MEMORIAL Germany e.V.
Tactical Tech
Stone Restoration

Is it possible for another university to act as a practice partner?
According to the Brandenburg university act, the professional practice must have been acquired "outside the university sector". This means that the practice partner cannot be an university or an institution at a university, as it belongs to the higher education sector (cf. BbgHG under § 41, (1), 4b).

Is the practice partner obliged to remunerate his or her share of the position at EG 13 TV-L level? Is there a stipulation in this regard?
There is no stipulation in this regard, but an appropriate salary for the second half of the position is aimed for. Tasks in research and development are usually remunerated at EG 13 TV-L level. Minor deviations are not to be taken into account.

Can I also apply as a practice partner in a fixed-term contract with my employer?
Yes, you can apply with your employer as a practice partner in the research project with an exposé. In this case, the duration of the contract should usually at least correspond to the duration of the project so that you can complete your doctorate in any case.

Can I do a doctorate directly at the FHP?
Up to now, universities of applied sciences (UAS) in Brandenburg have not had their own right to award doctorates. For this reason, there is the long-established option of a cooperative doctorate: here, an assessor is selected at a university in order to be able to approve the doctorate. The choice of the reviewer does not have to be made during the application process. This takes place together later in the doctoral process and is a common procedure at universities of applied sciences in Brandenburg.

What are the appointment criteria for a UAS professorship and what are the necessary practical periods?
The criteria for an appointment as a professor can be found in section 41 of the Brandenburg university act.

Are doctoral and post-doctoral positions within P³Dual advertised annually?
P³Dual has a project duration of six years. During this time, two cohorts are planned, for each of which three doctoral and 2x three postdoctoral positions will be advertised. On the one hand, the PostDoc positions are aimed at people with research and teaching experience who are acquiring practical expertise with a practice partner for an HAW professorship (PostDocDual). On the other hand, they are aimed at people with a lot of professional and practical experience who need teaching and research experience to be eligible for a professorship (ProfDual) and can acquire this within the framework of the P³Dual programme. The first cohort has already started. A new call for applications is expected in the course of 2023.

How should I imagine the distribution of activities and the remuneration of the job shares?
The job shares are designed in such a way that you spend 50% of your working time, or 20 hours, with a practice partner and another 20 hours at the FHP. This would add up to a total of 40 hours. Your work at the practice partner should be related to the research context, while your work at the FHP is devoted entirely to doctoral/postdoctoral research. In terms of content, an interlocking of both activities is planned.

Is P³Dual a tenure-track programme?
No, P³Dual aims to prepare you for a professorial career at UASs. After completing the PostDoc phase, all requirements for an appointment to a UAS professorship in Brandenburg should be met.

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Dr. rer. pol. Sylvia Schmid
Staff member for the academic staff development P³Dual
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