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Course Catalogue Module Handbook FLEX - Free Elective Area

Interdisciplinary courses

    Information for students

    In the Bachelor's degree programmes at the University of Applied Science Potsdam, students can take modules worth 10 - 15 ECTS of their own choice (Section 4 (4) RO-SP). There is also a free elective area in many Master's degree programmes. The modules in the module handbook FLEX - Free Elective Area are expressly designed for the elective areas of the degree programmes and can be taken by all students.

    The modules have a scope of 5 ECTS (with the exception of FLEX 12 with 10 ECTS).

    The scope of the elective area and any more detailed provisions can be found in the study and examination regulations and the module handbook for your degree programme. Information on the FLEX elective modules can be found in the module handbook FLEX - Free Elective Area.

    No. 452
    452 - Modulhandbuch FLEX – Freier Wahlbereich der Fachhochschule Potsdam (PDF, 286.01 KB)
    Module des freien Wahlbereichs

    Information for lecturers

    Interflex courses are courses that follow the didactic principle of research-based learning and are jointly led by lecturers from different departments (team teaching). Interflex courses allow for a graded examination achievement in the amount of 5 ECTS credits, which can be recognized in all study programs of the FHP in the elective area.

    As a rule, all professors of the FHP can offer an Interflex course once per academic year in free consultation with colleagues without the need for a separate application procedure. Interflex courses are to be registered by the lecturers without being asked by e-mail to with all details relevant for the course catalog such as time, room (room organization is decentralized via the departments) and brief description.

    Deadlines for registration:

    • by 30/06 for the winter semester
    • by 31/01 for the summer semester

    For further information, please refer to the Interflex guidelines.

    No. 453
    453 - Richtlinie zur Durchführung von Interflex-Lehrveranstaltungen (Interflex-Richtlinie) (PDF, 549.2 KB)
    Zur Orientierung für die Durchführung von Interflex-Lehrveranstaltungen