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Interflex – Interdisciplinary Learning and Research

In Interflex courses, teachers and students from different departments work together and develop new ideas and projects. Interflex courses can be recognized in all bachelor's and master's degree programmes at FHP, usually in the elective area.

Interflex courses in the summer semester 2024

You can attend Interflex as part of the university-wide FLEX 05 Interflex module. Interflex courses are recognised in all examination regulations. Further information on the accreditation of Interflex can be found here.

Time: Block seminar, fridays (19th April, 3rd May, 24th May) und saturday (25th May), 10:00 – 18:00 Uhr, start: 19th April 2024
Location: Präsenzstelle Luckenwalde, Beelitzer Straße 24, 14943 Luckenwalde
Registration: via e-mail to

Target group: The course is open to students from all subject areas (B.A. and M.A.). An interest in interdisciplinary, project-orientated learning is recommended.

Teaching staff:

Prof. Dr. Antje Michel, Professor of Information Didactics and Knowledge Transfer (Information Sciences Departement)
Dipl.-Ing. Christian Berkes: Academic Staff Member (IaF / ZEFT)


Many cities and rural areas are facing the challenge of vacancies. Vacancies should not only be seen as the result of declining retail trade, but also offer the challenge and potential to completely rethink urban spaces as social spaces. The interdisciplinary workshop offers students from all degree programmes at Potsdam University of Applied Sciences the unique opportunity to actively contribute their specialist perspectives to the development of proposals and solutions.

In the first block, you will gain in-depth insights from experts and explore various methods and practices of planning, participation and interim utilisation. On site in Luckenwalde, you will then develop prototypical concepts for activation in group work and in contact with the local population and relevant stakeholders. We want to test at least one interim use in a vacant shop in Luckenwalde. Your ideas and concepts will not only be presented, but also have the chance to shape Luckenwalde sustainably or initiate subsequent uses.

Module assignment:

  • FLEX 05 Interflex (all)

  • Recognition for modules by individual arrangement in accordance with the options in the module handbooks of your degree programmes

Performance requirements and credits:

  • FLEX 05: Development of (interim) utilisation concepts for selected vacant shop premises in Luckenwalde in group work, participation in the prototypical implementation of the concepts and documentation of the results in a written report, 5 ECTS credits (4 semester hours/week), graded
  • By arrangement: fewer ECTS credits, ungraded performance

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Information for lecturers

Interflex courses are courses that follow the didactic principle of research-based learning and are jointly led by lecturers from different departments (team teaching). Interflex courses allow for a graded examination achievement in the amount of 5 ECTS credits, which can be recognized in all study programs of the FHP in the elective area.

As a rule, all professors of the FHP can offer an Interflex course once per academic year in free consultation with colleagues without the need for a separate application procedure. Interflex courses are to be registered by the lecturers without being asked by e-mail to with all details relevant for the course catalog such as time, room (room organization is decentralized via the departments) and brief description.

Deadlines for registration:

  • by 30/06 for the winter semester
  • by 31/01 for the summer semester

For further information, please refer to the Interflex guidelines.

No. 453
453 - Richtlinie zur Durchführung von Interflex-Lehrveranstaltungen (Interflex-Richtlinie) (PDF, 549.2 KB)
Zur Orientierung für die Durchführung von Interflex-Lehrveranstaltungen