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Graphic AR Lab

Anwendung einer mobilen Augmented Reality-Anwendung auf einem Tablet im Graphic AR Lab.
© Simon Lou Schüler

The Graphic AR Lab explores the possibilities of augmented reality for visual design at the interface between digital and analogue media.

Graphic Augmented Reality Lab

The Graphic Augmented Reality Lab sees itself as a research, development and test laboratory for students and teachers who want to conceive, design and realise their own aesthetic and interactive AR content. The focus is on the use of current augmented reality technologies in the context of classic communication design and visual design – e.g. in the design of moving posters or similar digital formats. It enables multidisciplinary AR/XR projects at the interface between education, research and development.

Course for students

The Graphic AR Lab course provides students with a comprehensive overview of various mobile AR applications and workflows as well as an understanding of the basics of spatial design. Moving AR posters, illustrations in space, digital sculptures, face filters: within the course, students can design and realise their own AR projects freely and also in conjunction with design courses.

Utilisation & Equipment

The lab encourages students to explore and expand the possibilities of AR in the field of visual design, covering a range of powerful tools such as Scavengar, Adobe Aero, Meta Spark and Reality Composer. In the Open Lab, students receive individualised support for their AR projects.

Devices & Tools

  • Mobile AR: iPads Pro incl. pre-installed AR applications (available for loan)
  • Projected AR: TouchDesigner Educational Licence, Beamer & Screen
  • Photogrammetry, 3D scan

Opening hours

Open Lab & lending during the semester

  • Tuesdays, 14:00 – 16:00
  • Wednesdays, 14:00 – 16:00

Open Lab & lending during the semester break

  • by arrangement


  • Graphic AR-Lab: LW/Room 228