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Eine Studentin validiert ihre Campus.Karte an einem Automaten im Hauptgebäude der FH Potsdam

All students and employees of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam receive a chip card, the Campus.Card. For students, it is a student ID, library card, semester ticket, payment card, print, scan and copy card and a key to the campus.

Information on the Campus.Card at a glance

Seven functions in one card

The Campus.Card combines seven functions in one card:

First issue of the Campus.Card

For first-time and newly enrolled students, the Campus.Card will be issued after payment of the semester fee has been received at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam and sent by post together with the enrolment form (BAföG certificate, proof for child benefit fund, offices and authorities). This can take a few days. However, we make every effort to send all documents promptly.

The initial issue for employees takes place as part of the employment procedure.

Locations of the cash recycling machines

Amounts of money can be charged to the Campus.Card using an EC card (electronic purse). The amounts have been set by the Studentenwerk Potsdam. A minimum of 10 Euro and a maximum of 50 Euro can be charged to the card. Upcharges with cash in any amount can be made at the cafeteria cash desks. However, it is recommended not to top up more than 50 Euro. It is of course possible to pay in cash in the refectory and cafeteria. Use is voluntary.

The cash reload machines can be found at the dish return in the refectory and at the cash machine to the left of the library.

Validation stations

Before using the Campus.Card for the first time and after each re-registration in the following semester, the Campus.Card must be validated (made valid or updated). After the validity has expired, the card must be validated again. This is done by simply inserting it into the validation station. The time for validation can, of course, also take place at an earlier point in time. Validation machines can be found in the foyer of the main building, to the left of the library entrance and in the refectory next to the cash machine.

Loss, theft or defect of the Campus.Card

In order to minimise the damage in the event of loss or theft, we recommend that you arrange for the card to be blocked immediately by calling +49 331 580-2090 or by sending an e-mail to or in person at the Student Info Service. In order to receive a new Campus.Card, you must complete the application for a replacement Campus.Card for students and follow the information on the enclosed guide.

The replacement card costs 20 Euro according to the fee statutes of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. This fee is waived in the event of a name change, theft or technical defect of the Campus.card.

Staff members please use the application for a replacement card for staff members.

FAQ about the Campus.Card and the semester ticket

After successful enrolment at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam and after receipt of your semester fee, the Campus.Card will be created and sent to your postal address.

No. You keep the Campus.Card throughout your studies at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam or for the entire duration of your employment.

The Campus.Card is a security document that enables visible identification by picture and name on affiliation to the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. Above all, this also applies to the identification of the holder of the semester ticket.

You can view the current balance of your card at any time at all cash desks (by placing the card on the chip card reader) and cash valuers (simply by inserting the card). A corresponding reader is also located in the student info service in the main building.

The Studentenwerk Potsdam will pay out any credit balance by transferring it to your bank account. To do so, hand in your Campus.Card with the application for reimbursement of the remaining card balance to the Student Info Service.

To do so, please fill out the application for the replacement issue of a Campus.Card for students and hand it in at the Student Info Service or send it by e-mail or post. Please enclose proof of the name change (e.g. copy of the marriage certificate). The new card with the desired changes will then be issued by the student info service free of charge.

The chip card does not record any personal data.

All data stored on the chip (which is also printed on the card) - with the exception of the factory card number - is stored in encrypted form and cannot be read or changed in plain text, even with an expensive Mifare read/write device.

The data protection officer and the staff representatives of the University of Applied Sciences, together with the university management, ensure that all legal provisions of data protection are complied with and that no misuse of data takes place.

In order to process your transactions, the Studentenwerk Potsdam only has access to the card number, the group membership and the current balance - and thus to no personal data. Therefore, it is not possible to allocate the card to the person who owns it and the purchasing behaviour.

The allocation of a card to the owning person is only necessary in the case of a refund of credit after exmatriculation, loss of the card or termination of an employment relationship in order to be able to process this via the Studentenwerk Potsdam.

Please contact the study info service.

Please contact the student info service.

The Student Info Service checks the functionality of your Campus.Card. In the event of a technical defect that cannot be determined as the cause, the card will be reissued free of charge. If the defect is self-inflicted (scratches, cracks, abrasion, deformation, etc.) due to improper storage or improper use, a fee of 20 Euro will be charged. For more information, please see the application for a replacement Campus.Card for students and the flyer!

The credit can be transferred to your new card. For processing, the Studentenwerk Potsdam will be contacted, the amount on the lost or broken card will be determined and then communicated to the study info service. As soon as this has been done, you will receive an email from them and then come to the study info service with your new card. There, the amount of money will immediately be booked onto your new card and you can immediately use it again.

The semester ticket is valid for any number of journeys within the fare zone of the Deutschlandticket (excluding long-distance transport). The semester ticket is a personal season ticket and is not transferable. Bicycle transport is not included.

The semester ticket is valid from 01 October to 31 March in the winter semester and from 01 April to 30 September in the summer semester.

The student body of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam purchases semester tickets for all its members. Under certain conditions, you can be exempted from this agreement upon application in accordance with § 4 (1) of the Deutschland semester ticket agreement. Further details are regulated in the VBB semester ticket contract.

A refund for social reasons is possible. For this purpose, the general students' committee (AStA) of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam has set up a social fund that can support students who cannot afford the ticket. The application must be submitted by 15 April at the latest for the summer semester and by 15 October for the winter semester. The necessary supporting documents must be submitted in full by 30 April at the latest for the summer semester and by 31 October at the latest for the winter semester. Applications should be sent to the AStA of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.
Further information is available from the AStA office.
Contact via or phone: +49 331 580-1098


Central contact for Campus.Card:

Administration Intercard/DMS
Deputy Administrator Moodle