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Offers of the Equal Opportunities Office

Here you will receive individual counselling and support, both on personal matters and on professional issues. Furthermore, the equal opportunities office coordinates various funds and funding programmes, advises on how to apply for them and awards the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam gender prize.

Offers at a glance


The central equal opportunities commissioner provides confidential advice on individual and personal issues, e.g. on compatibility problems or possible discrimination based on gender, including cases of harassment and sexualised violence. In addition, we offer professional advice and support on the topics of gender equality work, such as gender-appropriate language, gender-sensitive teaching or gender aspects in research proposals.

Arrange an individual counseling appointment, on site, by phone or by video call.

Emergency contacts in cases of  sexualised violence can be found here.

Student equality fund

All students enrolled at the FHP as well as students of european media studies (joint programme of the FHP and the University of Potsdam) are eligible to apply. Funding is available for student projects that address gender issues (such as gender equality, sexualised discrimination or violence, gender-specific discrimination, stereotypes or gender parity) or raise awareness of these issues. Currently, 2,000 euro is available annually. There is no application deadline, the applications received are submitted to the selection committee for decision by the 15th of each month. The equal opportunities council of the FHP acts as the selection committee. The exact funding conditions as well as further information on the funding can be found here.

Call for applications for the student equality fund
Application for the student equality fund

"Gender in Teaching" funding programme

The FHP promotes teaching formats that bring gender into teaching by addressing gender aspects of the respective subject discipline, raising awareness of gender and diversity and thereby contributing to the expansion of students' (gender) competence.

Further information:

Graduation scholarship for female students with family responsibilities

The University of Applied Sciences Potsdam supports female students with family responsibilities in the final phase of their studies and awards up to five scholarships per semester for this purpose. The scholarships are part of the measures to promote gender equality in the female professors programme III at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam; it is a measure to promote women.


  • Are you a registered female student at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam?
  • Are you caring for your child(ren) or family members while you study?
  • Are you in the final stage of your studies (last year)?
  • Do you have good academic results?
  • You do not receive any other scholarship?

Then apply for the final scholarship for female students! The monthly scholarship amount is 300 euro, the term is one semester. Detailed information on application formalities, selection committee and selection criteria can be found in the "Notes on the Awarding of the Graduation Scholarship for Female Students with Family Responsibilities".

The new application round for the winter semester 2024/2025 will start in may 2024. The application is made via an application form, which will be available for download here in due time.

Women's promotion fund for young women scientists

The women's promotion fund of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam was set up for female academic staff and for female master's students of the FHP. Funding is provided, for example, for conference participation or the participation of female master's students in workshops/summerschools, travel expenses for research trips that are not covered by third-party funded projects, (proportionate) printing costs for publications or the professional translation of scientific articles. Academic staff can also apply for funding for individual further and advanced training.

A maximum of 1,000 euro per person and year is eligible for funding. There are no application deadlines. The applications received are submitted to the selection committee by the 15th of each month for a decision. The equal opportunities council of the FHP acts as the selection committee. Applications are submitted using a form. Please note the information on the eligibility criteria and the procedure.

The women's promotion fund is an equality-promoting measure for gender-sensitive personnel development within the framework of the female professors programme III at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam: Young female academics are to be offered incentives for publication, individual qualification, profiling and networking.

Genderpreis der FH Potsdam

The prize is awarded once a year in November and recognises final theses or project work by students who contribute to social and academic discourse on gender issues in their discipline with great commitment and sensitivity. The nomination is made by lecturers at the FH Potsdam. The Equal Opportunities Council of the FH Potsdam acts as the selection committee. 
On the 10th anniversary of the Gender Prize, a poster exhibition about the previous award winners was created in 2021, which has been expanded every year since then.


The equal opportunities office regularly updates and supplements the library's holdings on equal opportunities topics (gender mainstreaming, queer studies, diversity, etc.) with new acquisitions. In addition to basic knowledge, the focus is on publications related to the disciplines represented at the FHP. The acquisitions are available for loan in the library of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. We welcome your suggestions for new acquisitions.

New acquisitions from 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020/2021, 2022

In march 2020, the interactive literary exhibition "Freie Suche: Feminusmus (basic search: Feminism)" by the equal opportunities office made the diversity of feminist literature visible in the library of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. The digital exhibition catalogue for the exhibition appeared in a five-part series in the digital student magazine Semikolon at the beginning of July 2020.

Another recommended reading is the CEWSjournal, which covers all relevant topics related to research and science with a special focus on gender equality in five issues a year.