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Committees & Commissioners of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

Academic self-administration is a structural expression of the freedom of teaching, research and study and is realised through participation in the university's committees. The numerous representatives at the University of Applied Sciences are also committed to the interests of the university members.

Academic self-administration at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

The term academic self-administration covers all bodies and elective offices which, on the one hand, accompany the work of the university management and control it like a supervisory board, but on the other hand also make essential decisions on the organisation of study and teaching, research, transfer and further education. For example, the university's business plan is decided by the Senate. Regulations on study programmes and examinations are also passed by the committees. The elected committees and offices are made up of members of the university.

According to the principle of the "group university", the university members are divided into groups:

  • Students

  • Professors

  • Scientific and academic staff (research and teaching staff), who are assigned to professors or (third-party funded) projects)

  • Non-academic staff (staff in administration and service areas, the and service areas, the technology and in the laboratories and workshops)

These four groups, also known as status groups, elect and send their representatives to the departmental councils, the senate and other bodies separately. departmental councils, the senate and other university bodies. of the university.