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Studying at the Design Department

Wendeltreppe in Haus D

Four Bachelor's degree programmes and two Master's degree programmes - characteristic of the Department of Design is the close interlinking of its degree programmes. This networking enables a unique, interdisciplinary study programme with a strong research and practical orientation.

Degree Programmes

Weitere Studiengänge
Studiengang Lehrsprache Studienbeginn Bewerbungsfrist
Communication Design (BA) German Winter semester
15/05 – 15/07 (restricted admission)
Registration for the qualifying examination: 01.01. – 01.04.
Design (MA) German Summer semester, Winter semester
15/06 – 15/08 and 15/02 – 15/03 (restricted admission)
Registration for the qualifying examination: bis 15.06. für das Wintersemester / bis 15.12. für das Sommersemester
European Media Studies (BA) German Winter semester
until 15/07 at the University of Potsdam (admission restricted)
European Media Studies (MA) German Winter semester
until 01/06 at the University of Potsdam
Interface Design (BA) German Winter semester
15/06 – 15/07 (free of admission)
Registration for the qualifying examination: 01.01. – 01.04.
Product Design (BA) German Winter semester
15/06 - 15/07 (free of admission)
Registration for the qualifying examination: 01.01. – 01.04.
Schriftzug "Fachbereich Design" auf einer Scheibe an Haus D
© Katharina Geist

Start of Studies at the Design Department

Welcome to the design department. In our brochure "Starthilfe" we provide answers to questions, information and tips for your first semester - from A for Alumni to W for Workspace.

General information on starting at University of Applied Sciences Potsdam can be found here.

Start-up Aid Brochure

International Exchange

At the design department, Prof. Myriel Milicevic is the contact person for international students and for students who want to gain experience abroad during their studies.

Girlande mit internationalen Flaggen

Ways into the World

Are you planning a stay abroad? Whether it's for your studies, during your internship or your apprenticeship - there are many good reasons for a stay abroad! However, there are a few things to organise. The International Office will be happy to support and advise you, for example on the topic of financing.

Ways into the World

Eingang von Haus D auf dem  Campus der FH Potsdam

International Prospective Students

Thank you for your interest in the design department. Information about your stay in Germany, the required language certificates and the application procedure can be obtained from the International Office.

International Prospective Students

Student Counselling Service

Do you have questions about the degree programmes at the design department? Then make an appointment with one of our advisors.

Are you still unsure about which degree programme suits you and how to organise your studies? Then take advantage of the services offered by the Student Counselling Service!

Study Advisor Interface Design (B. A.)

Prof. Reto Wettach

Prof. Reto Wettach

Professor for Design of Physical and Virtual Interfaces

Study Advisor Communication Design (B. A.)

Study Advisor Product Design (B. A.)

Study Advisors European Media Studies

European Media Studies (B. A.)

Dr. Susanne Müller
University of Potsdam

European Media Studies (M. A.)

Prof. Dr. Heiko Christians
University of Potsdam

Study Advisors Design (M. A.)

Prof. Dr. Frank Heidmann

Prof. Dr. Frank Heidmann

Forschungsprofessor für Design of Software Interfaces
Studiengangsleiter für Design (M. A.)

Study Advisors Design (M. A.)

Anouk Meissner, M.A.

Anouk Meissner, M. A.

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin und Pro-Dekanin für Studium und Lehre
Geschäftsstellenleitung/Finanzen am Fachbereich Design
FB-Entwicklung/Studienreformprozess & Qualitätsentwicklung
Wissenschaftliche Koordination für das Masterprogramm
Departmental Exchange-Coordinator