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Microsoft 365

The University of Applied Sciences Potsdam has joined Microsoft's federal framework agreement for universities. This means that the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam can offer its students and staff the use of Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365). This includes cloud services and access to Microsoft desktop applications.


The licences may be used within the scope of university operations and, in addition, private use is also permitted. Commercial use of the licences is not permitted.

Qualified accounts can log in to Microsoft 365 directly with their Campus.Account. This includes all staff, students and lecturers.

Microsoft 365 accounts will be deleted once the Campus.Account is switched off and paid licences will be withdrawn when you leave the university.

An order processing agreement has been concluded with Microsoft for the processing of personal data. You can view these in the online services regulations and in the appendix to the data protection regulations for Microsoft online services.

Direct Access to Microsoft Services

Stream Video Policy

In Microsoft 365 Stream, videos can be shared university-wide or user-defined. This service is made available to all university members and members of University of Applied Sciences Potsdam within the framework of the IT usage regulations. Therefore, the restrictions anchored there apply. Of course, the videos must comply with german legislation. The copyright of all videos must be held by the person uploading them or written permission must be granted by the person holding the copyright. Declarations of consent must be obtained for recordings (videos) in which other persons are depicted/recorded and for their publication. In the declaration of consent, reference must be made to the voluntary nature of the consent. The rights to one's own image and sound must be observed.

All videos that are harmful to the personality are prohibited, in particular all videos with pornographic, racist or violence-glorifying content. In the case of problematic videos, please contact the owners of the videos. If no clarification is possible, please contact or, in the case of data protection violations, also the data protection officer of University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.

When video conferences are recorded in Teams, they are now saved in Sharepoint and can be downloaded in Teams. The recording is automatically deleted again after some time. If publication on MS Stream is desired, the recording must first be downloaded and then uploaded to Stream again.


Central IT

Room 2.24 bis 2.30
Stephan Schier
Deputy Head of IT
Adminstrator Infrastructure