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Equal Opportunities Commissioner

The goals collected in the gender equality concept 2019 are the principles of the gender equality work at University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. The work follows the logic of gender mainstreaming, therefore consequences for all genders must be considered in projects and decisions.

Activities & tasks

In order to achieve the goals in gender equality, the centralized and decentralized gender equality commissioners, the president's council, the staff representatives and the family affairs commissioner collaborate closely. The work of the gender equality commissioners of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (FHP) focuses on the following activities and key tasks.


    • Increasing the proportion of women, especially in professorships and leadership positions
    • Promotion of young female academics
    • Anchoring gender aspects in teaching and research
    • Improving the compatibility of family and career/studies (in cooperation with the family representative)
    • Measures against gender discrimination and the manifestation of role clichés


    More information on tasks, activities and topics can be found on the following pages. 

    Gender equality at FHP

    Gender equality issues include promotion of women, realizing gender diversity, encouraging the use of gender-sensitive language, as well as dealing with discrimination and sexualized violence. 

    Topics of gender equality work

    Consultation & funding

    The equal opportunities office offers individual advice, information on funding and support in personal and professional matters regarding gender equality.

    Offers of the equal opportunities office

    Projects & activities

    Discover projects and activities of the gender equality office, such as events of the Brandenburg women's week or the anniversary exhibition of the FHP gender prize.

    Projects & activities

    Where does the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam stand in terms of gender equality?

    The current university ranking according to gender equality aspects 2023 of the CEWS – Center of Excellence Women and Science confirms that the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam is one of the leaders in the nationwide comparison of the proportion of women professors. In comparison with 143 other universities of applied sciences, the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam once again positioned itself in the top group with 44.66 %. The FHP's gender equality activities were also positively evaluated in the context of the female professors programme III in 2019 – for the third time in a row after 2008 and 2013.

    Equal opportunities work at the FHP is based on article 3 of the basic law, the general equal treatment act, the Brandenburg university act, the state equal opportunities act and the equal opportunities statute of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. In addition, the quality standards for equal opportunities and family orientation at Brandenburg universities agreed in 2017 between the Brandenburg universities and the Brandenburg Ministry of Science, Research and Culture (MWFK) and the standards agreed in the family in university charter signed by the FHP in 2014 on the compatibility of family responsibilities in studying, teaching, research and science-supporting activities form an essential basis. Equality goals and measures can also be found in the university's structural and development plan StEP 2025 and in the higher education contract between the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam and MWFK signed on 21 January 2019. The gender equality concept specifies the goals and the focus for a specific period of time. At the state level, the equal opportunities officers of the universities are organised in the state conference of equal opportunities officers, and nationwide in the federal conference of women's and equal opportunities officers.

    Reports of the equal opportunities commissioner

    In accordance with the basic regulations of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, the central equal opportunities officer prepares an equal opportunities report on "the situation of women at the university of applied sciences" at least every three years on the basis of a gender-differentiated data collection. The last equal opportunities report of the university was prepared in 2020. In addition, it regularly reports to the Senate and the university management on its activities. The activity reports are deposited in the internal area.

    You can find the reports of the last three years here. If you are interested in older reports, please contact us.


    You can reach the central equal opportunities commissioner from Monday to Tuesday. You can usually meet Sandra Cartes in the office on Tuesday mornings and you are always welcome to make an individual appointment for counselling, on site, by phone or by video call.

    Central Equal Opportunities Commssioner

    Representative of the Central Equal Opportunities Commssioner

    Katharina Violet

    Katharina Violet

    Staff member Information Literacy, Training and Systematisation
    Deputy Head

    Representative of the Central Equal Opportunities Commssioner

    Student Assistant in the Equal Opportunities Office

    Mia Rößner

    Mitarbeiterin im Gleichstellungsbüro

    Decentralised equal opportunities commissioners | Equal opportunities council

    There are decentralised equal opportunities commissioners for each department as well as for administration and central institutions. The decentralised equal opportunities commissioners and the central equal opportunities commissioners work together in the equal opportunities council, which evaluates and defines measures in regular meetings.

    Social and Educational Sciences Department

    Prof. Dr. phil. Friederike Lorenz-Sinai

    Prof. Dr. Friederike Lorenz-Sinai

    Professorship for Methods of Social Work and Social Work Research
    Board member of OFEK e.V. – Counselling centres for anti-Semitic violence and discrimination
    Member of the German Society for Social Work (DGSA) and the German Society for Educational Science (DGfE)

    CITY | BUILDING | CULTURE Department

    Prof. Dr. Jeannine Meinhardt

    Prof. Dr. Jeannine Meinhardt

    Professor for Conservation and Restoration – Stone

    Civil Engineering Department

    Design Department

    Deputy: Anouk Meissner

    Information Sciences Department

    Administration and central facilities

    Anke Weiß

    Anke Weiß

    Coordinator for International Mobility and Erasmus

    Deputy: N. N.