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Study at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam as an Exchange Student for One or Two Semesters

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Welcome to your semester abroad at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam! As an international exchange student, you will study with us in an application-oriented and interdisciplinary way! The FHP participates in the Erasmus+ programme and has many bilateral agreements with partner universities worldwide.

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Courses & Language

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Campus der FH Potsdam mit Hauptgebäude und Haus D

All departments at FH Potsdam are happy to welcome exchange students: Department of Design, Department of CITY | BUILDING | CULTURE, Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Social and Educational Sciences, Department of Information Sciences. Find out about our degree programmes and learn more about campus life.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Campus life


List of module descriptors

You can find an up-to-date overview of the courses taking place at the FHP in the course catalogue.

Overview of courses in English 2022/23

Course catalogue

Department of Design - Incom

Enrolment in the design courses takes place via the design department's communication platform Incom. If you have been accepted as an exchange student, you can already register as a guest in Incom and familiarise yourself with the courses on offer.

The Design Department's Incom Platform

Teaching language

The teaching language at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences is German in almost all degree programmes.

Courses in English

Exchange students can study with us in English in the following departments and degree programmes:

  • Department of Design (BA Interface Design, BA Communication Design, BA Product Design, MA Design).
  • BA Social Work programme
  • BA Cultural Work
  • MA Architecture and Urban Planning (prerequisite: residence for 2 semesters)

In addition, interdisciplinary courses are offered in English every semester.

Language requirements

To take part in our courses in German, exchange students must provide proof of language proficiency of at least B1 according to the European Framework of Reference for the application.

To participate in courses in English, we require proof of language proficiency of at least B2 according to the European Framework of Reference.

Language certificates, letters of recommendation from language teachers and OLS test results are accepted as proof of language proficiency.

Language courses

We offer free German courses for beginners (A1) and advanced students (C1) every semester. The German courses take place during the semester. You can register at the International Office at the FH Potsdam after you have applied.

You can find further courses at the Volkshochschule Potsdam or the Goethe-Institut Berlin.

Application tips

Just a few steps to your application. This is how you register with us as an exchange student. After applying, you will receive confirmation from the International Office by email within 6 weeks. You will then receive a Letter of Acceptance.

1. Nomination

First, your home university must register you for a stay abroad at the FH Potsdam (nomination). The nomination is carried through before the application deadline by sending an email to the International Office of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam:

There is no cooperation agreement between your university and the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam? We also accept applications from free mover students. Please contact the International Office and also submit a current certificate of study and a letter of recommendation with your application.

2. Application

After you have been nominated by your university, you can apply to the FH Potsdam. Send the following documents by e-mail to

  • Application form
  • Personal statement (500 - 1000 words)
  • Curriculum vitae (in tabular form)
  • Transcript of Records from your home university in English
  • Language certificate: This must be submitted for the teaching language of instruction (German or English)
  • Portfolio if you are applying for design or architecture degree programmes

Application deadlines

  • 1st of June for the academic year or winter semester (end of September to end of February).
  • 1st of November for the summer semester (end of March to end of July).

Academic calendar

The academic year at FH Potsdam takes place in two semesters. The first semester is called the winter semester and runs from the end of September to the end of March. In the winter semester, lectures usually end at the end of January. The second semester is called the summer semester and runs from the end of March to the end of September. In the summer semester, lectures usually end at the end of July.

Before the semester starts, the Welcome and Orientation Days take place for all exchange students. At this event, you will receive all the necessary information before the semester starts in Potsdam and you will get to know other exchange students. Plan your arrival accordingly and inform the International Office about the planned arrival day. Please note that rooms in student halls of residence are often only rented from the 1st of October or the 1st of April. You may have to find other accommodation for the transition period.

Lecture Period & Exams

Welcome and Orientation Days

Lecture period 04/10/2023 - 26/01/2024
Exam week I 22/01/ - 26/01/2024
Exam week II (resit examinations)

18/03/ - 22/03/2024

Lecture-free days

German Unification Day 03/10/2023
Reformation Day 31/10/2023
Christmas break

25/12/2023 - 01/01/2024

Lecture Period & Exams

Welcome and Orientation Days 

monday – friday before the lecture period starts

Lecture period 02/04/ – 12/07/24
Exam week I 15/ – 19/07/24
Exam week II (resit examinations)

23/ – 27/09/24

Lecture-free days

Easter Monday 29/03/ and 01/04/24
Labour Day 01/05/24 (Wed)
Ascension Day

09/05/24 (Thurs)

Whit Monday

20/05/24 (Mon)



Lecture Period & Exams

Welcome and Orientation Days 

monday – friday before the lecture period starts

Lecture period 30/09/2024 – 24/01/25
Exam week I 27/ – 31/01/25
Exam week II (resit examinations)

24/ – 28/03/25

Lecture-free days

German Unification Day  03/10/24 (Thurs)
Reformation Day 31/10/24 (Thurs)
Christmas break

24/12/2024 – 01/01/2025 (Tues - Wed)

Lecture Period & Exams

Welcome and Orientation Days 

monday – friday before the lecture period starts

Lecture Period 31/03/ – 11/07/25
Exam week I 14/ – 18/07/25
Exam week II (resit examinations)

22/ – 26/09/25

Lecture-free days

Easter Monday 18/ and 21/04/25 (Fri/Mon)
Labour Day 01/05/25 (Thurs)
Ascension Day

29/05/25 (Thurs)

Whit Monday

09/06/25 (Mon)

Preparation for the semester abroad

You have been admitted to the FH Potsdam for a semester abroad? Then you can now prepare for your stay.

After admission, you will be enrolled as an exchange student at the FHP. A semester fee is charged for all students. This is currently 265.34 euros per semester for exchange students. You will then receive a Campus.account and a Campus.card with several functions: Semesterticket, student ID, library card, copy and print card. With the semester ticket, you can use all local public transport in Potsdam, Berlin and Brandenburg!

European students who are subject to a state social security system in a member state of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland must obtain the European Health Insurance Card before travelling. It entitles students to medical treatment in Germany under the same conditions as German citizens. To learn more about the EHIC, readers can refer to VisaGuide.World's comprehensive guide.

Non-European students must take out health insurance in Germany at the start of the semester. Often, you already have to show proof of insurance for the visa. Travel insurance does not provide sufficient health insurance cover for the duration of your studies in Germany and is not accepted as proof of insurance. Travel health insurance is only valid for your visa and your entry into Germany as long as the semester has not yet begun. Further information on health insurance for international students.

Find out before you enter Germany whether you need a visa. The Federal Foreign Office has compiled an overview of visa requirements and exemptions for entry into Germany. To apply for a visa, contact the German embassy or consulate in your home country.

Students who already have a residence permit for study purposes in another country in Europe can also study in other member states (with the exception of Ireland and Denmark) for up to 360 days for their stay abroad under the Research and Studies Directive (REST ). You apply for this together with the International Office of the FH Potsdam.

The Potsdam University of Applied Sciences does not have its own halls of residence or accommodation facilities. The housing market in Potsdam and Berlin is tight. It is not always easy to find a flat. Start looking for a flat as soon as you have decided to spend your semester abroad in Potsdam: after admission at the latest. You should plan plenty of time for your flat search.

Living in Potsdam

Auf einem Türkisen Hintergrund steht in pinken Großbuchstaben FHP Connect. Schräg über die türkise Fläche strecken sich zwei pinke Arme zueinander hin - sie berühren sich nur fast mit den Fingerspitzen. Unten rechts steht wir vernetzten Studierende from here and there.

Follow FHP Connect

The FHP Connect student team organises events and excursions for international students during the semester, where you can get to know student life, the FHP as well as Potsdam and Berlin. Give them a follow on social media!

FHP Connect

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Register for the Buddy Programme

Sign up for our Buddy Programme and get in touch with other FHP students even before you start your studies at FH Potsdam. The FHP Buddies will help you before your arrival and at the start of your studies.

Buddy Programme

Learning Agreement

After you have been admitted, you can create the Learning Agreement. You can choose from all courses at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam if you meet the requirements for the course. This means you can also take courses from other degree programmes as well as interdisciplinary courses. You should earn a maximum of 30 ECTS credits per semester. The minimum number of credits you must acquire is set by your home university. Your university also specifies the format in which you should complete the Learning Agreement.

Registration for the courses takes place when you arrive.

Grades and Transcript of Records

At the end of the semester abroad at the FHP, you will be issued with a Transcript of Records as an overview of your achievements.

At the FHP, credit points are awarded as ECTS credits. 60 ECTS credits correspond to the workload of one academic year. The acquisition of one ECTS credit point is based on an average workload of 30 hours.

Some courses at the FHP are assessed as ungraded courses with a pass or fail.

Grading scale ECTS description ECTS grade Grade at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences Description of grades at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences
1,0 Excellent A 1,0  
1,3-1,5 Very good B 1,3; 1,7 An outstanding performance
1,6-2,5 Good C 2,0; 2,3 A performance that is significantly above the average requirements
2,6-3,5 Satisfactory D 2,7; 3,3 A performance that meets the average requirements
3,6-4,0 Sufficient E 3,7; 4,0 A performance that, despite its weaknesses, still meets the requirements
5,0 Fail F 5,0 A performance that no longer meets the requirements due to significant weaknesses 

Before your departure

The following steps are necessary to end your stay with us. Remember to cancel all memberships and contracts in good time or inform us of your new registration address.

If you want to stay in Potsdam until the end of the semester or use the semester ticket until the end of the semester, you do not have to do anything and will be automatically deregistered at the end of the semester.

If you want to deregister before the end of the semester (31/03/ or 30/09/), you can apply for a partial refund of the semester ticket fee. Use the form to apply for a refund and submit it to the International Office by e-mail together with the application for de-registration.

Application for reimbursement of the semester ticket fee (PDF, 89.27 KB)
Application for reimbursement of the semester ticket fee for exchange students

You can find information on your outstanding fees in your My.Campus university portal. Please pay the fees before you leave!

If you need a confirmation of your period of stay with us for your home university, then get the signature from the International Office. Send us the filled out document by e-mail.

If you have registered your residence with the city of Potsdam or Berlin, you must also deregister there.

Cancel the contract 3 months before you leave if there is no end date in the contract. In Germany, it is customary to make a handover appointment with the landlord or caretaker on the day you move out. Be prepared, clean the flat thoroughly and do not leave any rubbish or objects behind!

Inform your insurance company about the end of your studies and about your new valid address abroad. If you want to cancel your health insurance policy taken out in Germany before the end of the semester, you must submit proof of deregistration for this purpose (see deregistration application above).

Inform your bank when you leave Germany and ask for the final steps to cancel the account. If you are able to continue the account, you must inform the bank of your new registration address.

Deregister here for your departure from Germany.


Application for reimbursement of the semester ticket fee (PDF, 89.27 KB)
Application for reimbursement of the semester ticket fee for exchange students


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