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Committees of the CITY | BUILDING | CULTURE Department

Committees & Commissioner at a Glance

Department Council

The departmental council is a body elected by the department, which includes representatives of the professors as well as scientific and technical staff and student representatives. Important decisions of the department are made by the departmental council. These include, among other things, the enactment of statutes such as study and examination regulations, decisions on structural and development planning or decisions on appointments.

Faculty Council

Examination Board

The examination board is a body elected by the departmental council to decide on all matters relating to the department's examination regulations. The examination board is responsible for compliance with the examination regulations and for the proper conduct of the examinations. The examination board also decides on all applications and exceptions or special regulations relevant to examinations.

Examination Board

Student Council

The Student Council (StuRa) represents the interests of the students in the department. It is the first point of contact for questions or problems and mediator between students, lecturers and the dean's office. The StuRa promotes student projects, coordinates student activities and events in the department and looks after first-year students.

Student Council

Department Based Equal Opportunities Commissioners at the CITY | BUILDING | CULTURE Department

In addition to the central officers of the university, there are department based equal opportunities commissioners as well as for the administration and central institutions. The department based equal opportunities commissioners and the equal opportunities commissioner work together in the equal opportunities council, which evaluates and defines measures in regular meetings.

Department Based Equal Opportunities Commissioners at the CITY | BUILDING | CUL…

Department Council

Non-academic staff

Student Representatives

  • Tabea Fischer (Architecture and Urban Planning)
  • Monika Zamiecka (Architecture and Urban Planning)


Examination Board

Student Representatives

  • Hanna-Greta Kulik
  • Leon Tettke
  • Anna Liza Blum

Student Council (StuRa)

The StuRa is elected by all students of the department in the committee elections. The term of office is one year, two semesters. All students from the department can stand for election.


  • Lara Hoppestock (Architecture and Urban Design)
  • Karla Hinske (Arts Management and Cultural Work)
  • Catharina Faber (Architecture and Urban Design)
  • Ilka Fissahn (Architecture and Urban Design)
  • Lisa Langhorst (Conservation and Restoration)
  • Leon Wilke (Conservation and Restoration)
  • Laura Pühler (Architecture and Urban Design)
  • Friederike Kloss (Arts Management and Cultural Work)
  • Lilli Bieler (Architecture and Urban Design)


  • represents the interests of the students within the department
  • coordinates student activities and events in the department
  • promotes student projects within the department (see project promotion)
  • is the contact person for problems with lecturers, orientation difficulties and exams
  • sends students to internal departmental committees
  • You can find all minutes of the student council meetings here


Organisation of the StuRa

For optimal representation of interests, we have taken up certain topics. These are called units. Most of the time, these are also the topics that are of particular interest to us.

We are committed to improving all aspects of teaching. To this end, we are in close contact with the professors and academic staff of our department and represent the interests of the students in the regular lecturers' conferences. We are available for requests, problems, praise and suggestions for improvement.

Karla, Friederike, Lisa, Laura, Leon

At the University of Applied Sciences, we wish for a professional and constructive approach from all those involved. However, in the power imbalance between teachers and students, but also between equals, tensions are sometimes possible. In such cases, we offer ourselves as a point of contact, objective observers and impartial mediators.

Catharina, Friederike

We can help you with all your questions about studying and doing an internship abroad. We are also there for students from abroad. We also support projects and ideas on the topic of international and supra-regional networking or in planning an event. Is there a need for workshops on a specific topic? We are here for you.

We'll help you with all questions regarding studies or an internship abroad. Are you a student from abroad and have problems getting started? We can help you! If you have an idea for a project concerning international or interregional affairs or do you wanna plan an event? Do you have an idea or wishes for a workshop? You are very welcome!

Catharina, Friederike


Mails and social media contributions first land with us. According to our tasks and competences, we forward the concerns to the other members. We also try to keep the students up to date on developments in the department.

Karla, Lara, Lisa

We take care of the accounting and administration of the student body's financial resources in our department. If you have any questions about the financial regulations, the funding guidelines or assistance with applications, we are here to help!

Ilka, Laura

Project funding by the StuRa

Framework conditions

  • Who? Every enrolled student of the department.
  • How much? A grant of up to 150 euros
  • For what? Student projects that are related to the course content and/or have student added value.
  • How? Fill out the application form and send it to the StuRa by e-mail. The application will be discussed and voted on at the next scheduled StuRa meeting.

Further information on project funding


The application consists of:

  1. an informal cover letter (justification of the application)
  2. the project application form
  3. a project description (What are you planning to do? What do you want to achieve with the project?)
  4. a cost breakdown (what do you want to spend money on and how much of it should the StuRa cover).

We can only pay out money if you have already paid in advance. You will only receive your money if you have submitted an accounting sheet and project documentation (written documentation, pictures desired) to us at the end of the project.

Equal Opportunities Commissioner at the CITY | BUILDING | CULTURE Department

Department Based Equal Opportunities Commissioner

Prof. Dr. Jeannine Meinhardt

Prof. Dr. Jeannine Meinhardt

Professor for Conservation and Restoration – Stone

Deputy Decentralised Equal Opportunities Commissioner

Dr. phil. habil. Renate Ruhne

Vertretung Professur Kulturtheorie und Kultursoziologie