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All persons of the Civil Engineering Department

On this page you will find all professors, academic and non-academic staff, committee members and former staff of the civil engineering department. Lecturers for the current semester are listed here.

    Name Info
    Administrator PC Pool
    IT support
    Academic employee of "P³Dual"
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Brendike
    Professor of Statics
    Vice Dean / Representative of the Dean
    Member of the Executive Board
    Representative of Faculty 3 at the Faculty Day for Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Research assistant in the research project "Test-based development of a design concept for crack repair in solid clay - ERiMa"
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Philipp Gleich
    Professor for Solid Construction
    Head of Construction Laboratory for Structural Engineering (BKI)
    Deputy Chairman of the Faculty Council
    Member of the Audit Committee
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gunar Gutzeit
    Professor for Infrastructure Planning Specialising in Water Supply Systems
    Dean of the Civil Engineering Department
    Sophie Hanenberg
    Employee Dean's Office
    Lisa Hock
    Research Assistant
    Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Katharina Jacob
    Academic Staff Member
    Staff Member specialising in Steel and Steel Composite Construction
    Member of the Faculty Council
    Richard Lorenz
    Academic Assistant in the Field of Solid Construction and Statics
    Prof. Rüdiger Lorenz
    Professor of Building Physics and Building Climatology
    Head of Building Physics laboratory
    Chairman of the Faculty Council
    Rosana Morales Ruiz
    Employee for Studies and Teaching
    Vice Dean for Studies and Teaching at the Department of Civil Engineering
    Equal Opportunities Commissioner
    Janis Moyé
    Academic Staff Member of "P³Dual"
    Staff Laboratory for Building Materials
    ASA Member
    Professor of Hydraulics
    Study Advisor for Urban Water Management (B. Eng.)
    Head of Water Laboratory
    BAföG Representative
    Member of the Audit Committee
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Pistol
    Professor for Building Materials
    Head of Laboratory for Building Materials
    Marcus Richter
    Employee in the Laboratory for Building Materials
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Röder
    Professor for Building Conservation
    Study Advisor Ing-Bau – Structural Conservation and New Construction in Engineering and Building Construction (M. Sc.)
    Head of Construction Laboratory Structural Engineering (BKI)
    Member of the Faculty Council
    Chair of the Senate
    Prof. Dr. Enrico Sass
    Professor for Business Start-ups and Management Techniques
    Head of Start-up Service