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Academic Advisors

Zwei Studierende arbeiten mit historischen Dokumenten. Eine Person davon blättert um. Eine weitere gibt Daten in ein Tablet ein.

Not all studies are the same. Each department at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam has its own challenges and regulations: from the recognition of additional achievements to the organisation of examinations. To ensure that everything remains clear and comprehensible, there is the possibility of individual counselling in all degree programmes.

Academic Advisors

Social and Educational Sciences Department


Civil Engineering Department

  • Civil Engineering BEng & Civil Engineering Dual BEng: Klaus Pistol
  • Infrastructure Systems BEng & Infrastructure Systems DualBEng: Gunar Gutzeit
  • Urban Water Management Dual BEng: Jens Nowak
  • Building Conservation and Construction Work on Existing Buildings BEng: Silke Straub-Beutin
  • Ing•Bau: Preservation and Construction Work in Structural Engineering MSc : Jörg Röder
  • Dual degree programmes: Lucia Tyrallová

Design Department

Information Sciences Department