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Modelling Workshop

Blick auf einen Tisch voll von künstlerischen Plastiken aus Gips
© Jeannie-Darlene Köppe

The modelling workshop of the Design department enables manual modelling, moulding and casting of three-dimensional, plastic representations and reproductions. In the context of the design training courses, materials, technologies and theories of visual design are taught in a practical manner.


Manual modelling, moulding and casting with plastic materials/three-dimensional plastic representation and reproduction through practical workshop work familiarising students with materials, technologies, functions of our modelling workshop and the vivid expressive possibilities of form and pictorial design in the context of design education.


The workshop is used by the following courses as part of the teaching offer:

  • Workshop Practice Modelling Workshop 14W-MW-S (2 ECTS credits)
  • Compact introductory courses Workshop practice Modelling workshop 14W-MW-SE (2 ECTS credits)
  • Workshop Courses Workshop Practice Modelling Workshop - Plastic Design 14W-MW-L (4 ECTS credits)


  • Studio Space/Modelling: LW/Room 229
  • Workshop Terrace/Outdoor Space: LW/Room 230
  • Plaster room/moulding and casting: LW/Room 231

Opening hours

  • by arrangement


  • Studio space for seminar use, modelling, less dirt-intensive design work and idea generation
  • Workshop terrace can be used as an open-air area
  • Plaster room for moulding and casting with mainly plaster
  • Machine room (LW/room 232) with ventilation system, ceramic kiln and vacuum thermoforming machine – only to be entered in the company of the workshop management
  • Storage and storage of hazardous substances (LW/room 233) – no entry allowed
  • Rotating and height-adjustable modelling stands for professional work on 3D objects
  • Workroom basins (wet workstations) with sludge separator
  • Heavy single workbenches with sheet metal covering, assembly workbench with vice
  • Workshop-typical basic equipment, shelves and internal transport equipment
  • Workrooms with continuous crane rail and electric chain hoist