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Partner universities - using established channels

Das Instituto Superior Técnico in der Frontalansicht mitsamt Vorplatz des Campus Alameda
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FH Potsdam's international partner universities offer established networks and a wealth of experience with exchange programmes. It is worth taking a closer look at our partners!

Partner universities
Exchange agreements
Exchange places for students
Interaktive Karte mit Austauschplätzen

Study abroad: Interactive map with exchange places

You can find the exchange places for students at our partner universities on our interactive map. A semester abroad in one of our exchange programmes is only possible at these universities.

Open interactive map

Silhouette der Kontinente als Weltkarte

Overview of all partner universities of the FH Potsdam

Get an overview of all international partner institutions of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam in the Mobility-Online Portal. If you have any questions about the contents of the cooperation, please contact the International Office.

To the Mobility-Online Portal

  • Taiwan – DAAD ISAP-Programms

    National Taipei University of Technology NTUT

    Since 2018, the DAAD has been funding the study and training partnership between the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (Design Department) and the National Taipei University of Technology NTUT (College of Design). As a high-tech country, Taiwan is exemplary for a society that is largely open to the digital transformation. Numerous product and service innovations have already been successfully realised there, e.g. in the areas of "Smart City", "e-Mobility" or "e-Security". A stay in Taiwan makes it possible to observe the potentials of these developments (e.g. in the context of privacy), which are sometimes critically discussed from a European perspective.

  • Das Mausoleum Gur-Emir in Samarkand
    Das Mausoleum Gur-Emir in Samarkand

    Samarkand State Architecture and Construction Institute

    FH Potsdam has been cooperating with the State Institute of Architecture and Construction in Samarkand in Uzbekistan since 2020 in the field of conservation and restoration, architecture and building preservation. The partnership is currently funded by the DAAD. As part of the project Interdisciplinary on Monuments, a summer school for students took place in Uzbekistan in summer 2022.

Studying at a partner university


With the Erasmus+ programme, the European Union supports students of all disciplines in studying abroad in Europe.

Erasmus+ Studies

Study in Switzerland

To study at one of our partner universities in Switzerland, you can apply for the Swiss-European Mobility Programme.

Swiss-European Mobility Programme

Study outside Europe

You can spend time abroad at partner universities outside Europe through the bilateral exchange programme.

Bilateral exchange

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Not the right university?

Free Mover Stays

Are you a student at FH Potsdam and would like to study abroad, but you can't find the right partner university? Then organise your individual semester abroad as a free mover.

Study as a free mover without a partner university

Initiate a new partnership

Are you a teacher at FH Potsdam and would like to spend some time at a non-partner university? One possibility is to initiate a new cooperation. Please contact the International Office.