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General Staff Council of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

The general staff council coordinates the work of the staff councils of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam and represents the interests of the academic and artistic as well as the non-academic staff, if both groups of employees are affected.

Function & Tasks

The general staff council must be involved if the management of the university (president, chancellor) is not solely authorised to make decisions and the measure affects the employees of the entire department.
It is not superior to the other local staff councils. Their rights and duties continue to exist. The general staff council has a coordinating function in the cooperation between the staff councils.

The general staff council's main areas of activity are:

  • Occupational health and safety
  • IT and data protection
  • Framework regulations for (digital) time recording, absences
  • Framework regulations on staffing procedures
  • Operational integration management (BEM)
  • Reconciliation of work and care and work and family life
May 2022
Last election
May 2026
Next election
4 years

Board of directors

General Staff Council

Office hours
by arrangement


Christian Polack

Christian Polack

Staff Member Quality Management Studies and Teaching

Vice Chair

Heike Daßdorf

Staff member cataloguing and systematisation, information literacy and training, public relations, training

Board Member

Board Member

Reimar Kobi

Reimar Kobi, B. A.

Head of event management
Occupational Health and Safety Officer


Administration Intercard/DMS
Deputy Administrator Moodle
IT Service at Faculty 1: Social and Educational Sciences, Audiovisual Media
Staff member for Inventory and disposal
Kathrin Katzek
Head of Photo Studio/Labs, Analogue Photo Labs SW and Colour, Digital Print Lab/Photo Print

Substitute members

Anna Scheller
Coordination & Organisation ZEW
Patrizia Reicherl
Executive Director of the Senate, the Ethics Committee and for Committee Elections; Official Announcements
Julia Lee
Studies and Teaching Unit
Head of the student e-learning team