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Event Management at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

Event management, occupational health and safety and university archives are the sub-areas of the staff unit in the administration, whose tasks are necessary across buildings, departments/divisions and status groups.

Focal points from the fields of activity

Room management

The university's room management is responsible for the occupancy planning of studies, teaching and external events, both centrally and decentrally. Further information on applications for room use, required data for event registrations, costs of room use and responsibilities in decentralised room planning can be found on the corresponding website.

Room Management

University archive / Old registry

The FHP offers its members support and advice on the collection, safekeeping, preservation and sorting out of written records.

After expiry of the retention periods, the documents are handed over to the Brandenburg main state archive, as it is the responsible final archive.

University archive

Occupational safety and health

Prevention through information:

  • on websites
  • via instruction dates
  • during inspections
  • in the health and safety committee

Occupational safety and health

Event management team

Reimar Kobi
Leiter Veranstaltungsmanagement
Lukas Heck
Bereichsleiter Hochschularchiv u. Stellvertretung im Veranstaltungsmanagement