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Moodle – Digital Teaching at the FHP

Moodle is used as a web-based learning platform at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. There are three different Moodle instances: Moodle Teaching for teaching in the departments, Moodle Exams for online examinations and Moodle Transfer for further education and digital offerings that have an external target group.

The learning platform

Moodle is a digital, web-based learning platform. Learning platforms are also called learning management systems (LMS). Online courses can be offered with an LMS. They offer many possibilities:

  • As a virtual seminar room for digital communication, collaboration and organisation (e.g. communication of weekly schedules, important dates, requirements for credit points, organisation of group work, distribution of presentation topics, access to further digital tools such as online conference rooms or interactive whiteboards)
  • For the didactic design of teaching (e.g. by communicating learning objectives, designing teaching and learning paths and e-learning modules, activities and interactive exercises)
  • For sharing digital materials and media such as scripts, handouts, videos, images and audio materials, digital noticeboards
  • ePortfolio for student learning products
  • For student collaboration (e.g. wikis, glossaries, student quizzes and peer reviews)
  • Conducting examinations

Access Moodle Portal

Below you will find quick links to the three different Moodle instances at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (FHP).

Bild mit Doktorhut-Icon und der Aufschrift "Moodle Lehre"

Moodle Teaching

You can access Moodle Teaching at the following two web addresses:

Alternative link:

Bild mit Häkchenfelder-Icon und der Aufschrift "Moodle Prüfungen"

Moodle exams

You can access Moodle Exams at the following two web addresses:

Alternative link:

Bild mit Straßenpfeil-Icon und der Aufschrift "Moodle Transfer"

Moodle Transfer

You can access Moodle Transfer at the following two web addresses:

Alternative link:


Digital Teaching Unit

E-learning support for teachers

Central IT – Moodle Admin

Administration of all Moodle platforms