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Studierende im TexLab
© Bernd Hiepe

In order to design textile products with sustainable material cycles, knowledge of textile processes and fibre science is essential. The TexLab teaches the technologies of sewing, embroidery, weaving, knitting and tufting, which are applied in designs or deepened in the form of material developments. The equipment in the lab includes hand knitting machines, dobby looms, an embroidery machine and industrial sewing machines.

Equipment & utilisation

  • 1x industrial sewing machine JUKI DDL-900A-S for light and medium fabrics
  • 1x industrial sewing machine JUKI LU-1508-N for heavier fabrics
  • 1x industrial overlocking machine JUKI 6800 MO
  • 1x steam iron
  • 1x Janome Memory Craft 550e embroidery machine, 20x36 cm embroidery area
  • 3x dobby loom, 8 shafts, 30 cm weaving width
  • 1x dobby loom, 8 shafts, 70 cm weaving width
  • 2x creel comb loom, 80 cm weaving width
  • 1x creel comb loom, 120 cm weaving width
  • 1x winder for weaving bobbins
  • 1x flat bed knitting machine, fine knitting (up to yarn size 4) with punch card patterning, Brother KH-686 with double bed extension, intarsia carriage and lace carriage
  • 1x flat bed knitting machine, chunky knit (up to yarn size 8), Brother KH 230
  • 2x Addi Express circular knitting machine, king size
  • 1x knitting mill, Addi Ei
  • 1x yarn winder
  • 1x tufting gun AK-I, cut pile
  • 1x Tufting gun AK-II, loop pile
  • 1x Tufting gun AK-III, cut and loop pile
  • 1x compressor
  • 3x tufting frame 90x90 cm
  • 1x tufting frame 140x200 cm
  • 1x rope machine, shaft

Opening hours: Utilisation is possible with a workshop licence and by prior arrangement (workshop licence through course participation and introduction by TexLab SHK).

Current information can be found in the Textile Lab Workspace.


The lab is supervised by Prof. Silvia Knüppel and Samira Akhavan.

Professor for Product & Perspective