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All persons of the CITY | BUILDING | CULTURE Department

On this page you will find all professors, academic and non-academic staff, committee members and former staff of the CITY | BUILDING | CULTURE department.

    Name Info
    Honorary Professor for Project Development
    Honorary Professor of Culture and Management
    Knut Andreas
    Honorary professor in the field of aesthetics
    Michaela Arnold
    Associate Dean's Office
    Prof. Bernd Bess
    Professor for Fundamentals of Design
    Head of the Architecture and Urban DesignProgramme
    Honorary Professor for Aesthetics
    Prof. Maren Brakebusch
    Professorship for Garden and Landscape Architecture
    Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Ludger Brands
    Professor for Design and Construction
    Research assistant/postdoctoral researcher "P3Dual"
    Prof. Sabine Cousin
    Professor of Descriptive Geometry
    Professorship of Specialised Planning in Conservation and Restoration
    Andreas Dehne
    Master Carpenter Modelling Workshop
    Lennard Dose
    Academic Assistant for Design & Performance
    Support for Prof. Christina Poth's Teaching and the Guidance System Project at University of Applied Sciences Potsdam
    Alexander Doss
    IT Administrator
    EDP/System Technician for CAD Lab, Plotter Room and Department
    Deputy Professor for Design
    Peter Eingartner
    Professor of Design and Building Construction
    Dipl.-Rest. Tjalda Eschebach
    Workshop Manager Conservation and Restoration – Mural Painting
    Michael Fenske
    Lecturer for Digital Architectural Representation
    Prof. Karin Flegel
    Professor of Urban History Potsdam
    Dipl.-Chem. Christine Fuchs
    Laboratory Manager Natural Sciences in the Conservation and Restoration Degree Programme