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Wireless LAN Eduroam – Worldwide Access to the Internet

You can use the wireless LAN eduroam at University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, at most universities in Germany and also in many other countries. You can find an overview of the locations on this map.

Setup & Login

University members can authenticate themselves on the WIFI using their Campus.Account.

Configuration programmes

For the setup, we recommend that you use the configuration programmes provided. These are available for Windows, Mac OS X (from 10.7), Linux and Apple iOS.

Official download page

Windows 10

Windows 8 / 8.1

Windows 7

Mac OS X (10.13+)

Apple iOS mobile devices


For Android, please install the eduroam CAT app. In it, select University of Applied Sciences Potsdam and install the profile. Afterwards you have to enter your login name and password and it will configure the eduroam connection accordingly. It is also possible to set up the connection to the network manually (see below).

It is also possible to use it with other systems, but there the connection must be set up manually. Instructions for this can be found here.


The login name for eduroam is always in the format <Campus.Account>@fh-potsdam .de.

For students, this results in a login name in the form s<matriculationnumber> .de
e.g. <mustermann>

For staff, this results in a login name in the form @fh-potsdam .de
e.g. <sample>

The password corresponds to that of the Campus.Account.


Central IT

Room 2.24 bis 2.30
Stephan Schier
Deputy Head of IT
Adminstrator Infrastructure