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Library Use – Offline and Online

A place for knowledge. Offline and online. Registered users have access to the premises and thus to the extensive analogue and digital offers of our library. Information on registration and the borrowing procedure can be found on this page.

First steps

Registration on Site

As a library open to the public, registration can also be done conveniently on your first visit.


The library organises knowledge according to common standards. So you can quickly find the literature you want.

Literature Search


As a lending library, the majority of the media stock is available for use outside the library.



Borrowed media can be returned to the library during opening hours. Outside opening hours, borrowed items can be placed in the return box next to the library entrance.

Useful Information

With the Campus.Card, all university members of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam receive their library card. This can be found on the back of the card. When you visit the library for the first time, you have to register and activate your user account.

After registration, external users receive a library card free of charge. This card can be collected from the library from the following Monday after registration. Borrowing media is possible immediately after registration. The loss of the library card must be reported immediately. If a replacement library card is issued, a fee of 5.00 EUR will be charged (see fee schedule).

You can take the desired media from the shelf yourself and have them booked at the circulation desk. Media can also be used at the designated workstations.

Bags, including laptop bags, are to be locked in the library lockers. Baskets are available in the library for work materials and books.

In the foyer of the main building, next to the library entrance, there are over 100 lockers available for bags brought in. The lockers are to be cleared again after leaving the library. After the end of opening hours, the lockers will be cleared by the library staff. We accept no liability for the contents of the lockers.

Please bring a medium-sized padlock for the lockers. The locks can be hung on one of the "lock parking spaces" near the lockers.

Two coworking spaces are available to students in the library. These provide new ways of working in a relaxed, communicative atmosphere. The two rooms can be used for individual and small group work, for relaxing and socialising and for childcare.

In the first coworking space, students have access to comfortable beanbags, IT technology, supplies, a projector and a media board for collaborative work.

The second coworking space is designed as a family space at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. It offers parents the opportunity to keep their children occupied while they work in the library. Various games, activity materials and children's books are available in a child-friendly environment.

The equipment will continue to change and be supplemented as a result of different usage behaviour. The library team is happy to receive requests and suggestions.

The rooms are open to all students during the opening hours of the university library.

Multifunctional printers are available in the library and on campus for copying, printing and scanning.

The Campus.Card is required to use these devices. External users can purchase a guest copy card at the payment terminal in front of the library. Campus cards and guest copy cards can be topped up with money at the corresponding machines.

The entire library area is equipped with WIFI.


According to the library regulations, members and students of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, students of other universities, employees of other institutions, students and interested citizens can register at the university library.

What documents do I need for registration?

Students of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam are asked to present their campus card when registering. All other interested parties are asked to bring an identity card for presentation.
Pupils up to the age of 18 require parental consent and, if already available, their identity card.

How can I register?

Just come to the library and report to the circulation desk.

How do I use my account?

For university members, the user number is activated during registration. This is printed on the library card below the barcode. All external users receive a generated user number.
All users receive a password with their registration. The password should be changed independently after registration. It initially consists of four characters, which are automatically assigned according to the following pattern: Day + month of birth.

Example: If the birthday is 01.04.1995, the password is "0104".

  • Equipment

    On an area of 2,600 square metres, library users have access to extensive media stocks, as well as training rooms, computer workstations and learning workstations.

  • Jobs

    58 workstations and 14 research stations offer enough space for literature work.

  • Training Room

    Regular information literacy training is offered in the 24-seat training room .

  • Rest Workroom

    The reading room or quiet study room with 15 seats is designed for intensive work in a quiet learning atmosphere. In this room there are lockers for storing literature and work materials for longer-term work in the library. The lockers can be rented free of charge at the circulation desk on the ground floor.

  • Coworking Space

    The coworking space in the library provides students a place that offers new ways of working in a relaxed, communicative atmosphere. It can be used for individual and small group work as well as for relaxing and socialising.

    The space is open to all students during the opening hours of the university library.