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Graphics Laboratory/Screen Printing Workshop

Blick in die Risowerkstatt. 3 Studierende arbeiten dort an Projekten.
© Bernd Hiepe

The graphics lab is an analogue and digital printing workshop with a focus on screen printing and risography. The basics of various printing techniques are taught and practised here. The graphics lab produces publications, posters, fanzines, flyers, prints, unique pieces and experiments in a wide variety of editions. Large-format foil plots for the wall or prints on textiles, wood or glass are also possible. The graphics laboratory is part of the Design department.



  • Film montage and retouching: LW/Room 218
  • Screen drying: LW/Room 219
  • Screen exposure: LW/Room 220
  • Screen developing, darkroom, cleaning, decoating: LW/Room 221
  • Workshop: LW/Room 222
  • Warehouse: LW/Room 223

Opening hours

  • by arrangement


  • DinA3 Risograph SF 9350
  • 12 DinA3 colour drums
  • DinA2 Risograph
  • 8 DinA2 colour drums
  • OKI DinA3 colour laser printer
  • DinA3 Scanner
  • Film plotter, Summa S 75 T
  • 2× xSIRI printing table 5000 Pro
  • Manual printing carousel
  • Imagesetter, LED Lite Model 4
  • Drying cabinet
  • Decoating unit
  • Transfer press
  • Cutting machine with table
  • Signum printing press