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Erasmus studies in Taiwan

Study for a semester at our partner university National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT) in the East Asian metropolis of Taipei and enjoy all the benefits of the Erasmus+ programme: no tuition fees, monthly scholarship, intensive preparation and on-site support.

Taiwan Erasmus+ programme at a glance

Comprehensive support

You will be studying in a coordinated programme at the National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT) at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam for six months. You will be supported by the International Office in your preparation and during your stay.

Recognition of academic achievement

The Erasmus+ programme clearly regulates the recognition of achievements made abroad at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam - this allows you to integrate the study stay at our partner university well into your studies.

Monthly mobility allowance

You receive financial support in the form of a monthly mobility grant. Tuition fees at the other university are dropped.

Support with language acquisition

The Erasmus+ Programme accompanies you comprehensively with free language support. This Online Language Support is a European Commission platform for online language tests and free online language tuition.

Clear rights and obligations

Your rights and obligations in the Erasmus+ programme are clearly and transparently set out in the Erasmus+ Student Charter.

Multiple funding

You can be funded by Erasmus+ for up to 6 months per study cycle. This means that you can be funded several times in one study period (Bachelor, Master, PhD) and thus, for example, also do an Erasmus+ internship in the same study period.

Financial support

If you study at the National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT) as part of the Erasmus+ programme, you will receive a one-off flight allowance of 1,500 euros, as well as a living allowance of 700 euros per month. In addition, you have the possibility to apply for one of the following top-ups in the amount of 250 euros per month.

Students from a non-academic home can receive a grant of 250 euros per month. This top-up can be applied for by students whose parent or parents, insofar as only one parent is known, have not acquired an academic degree.

An academic degree is defined as a degree obtained at a university, a university of cooperative education or a university of applied sciences (within or outside Germany). In the skilled crafts sector, the master craftsman's diploma is not considered an academic degree.

If your parents are not sure whether their degree counts as an academic degree, visit the website of the "Stiftung Akkreditierungsrat". If you find your parents' degree there, it means that the degree is recognised as an academic degree. In that case , you may not apply for this top-up.

Students who had one or more jobs before starting their studies abroad that they will not be continuing during their stay abroad are entitled to apply for an allowance of 250 euros per month. Self-employment is also possible for this allowance.

It must be an employment subject to social security contributions, for which the following applies:

  • The monthly earnings are between 450 - 850 euros. This refers to the net earnings of all activities per month added up. An averaged calculation is permissible.
  • The employment must have been regularly pursued for at least 6 months up to the time of application for the study abroad programme.
  • The employment is not continued during the stay abroad (this also includes mobile work, online work, paid leave, etc.). Termination is not a requirement; the employment contract can also be paused.


Students who are travelling abroad with their child/children for study abroad can apply for this Top-Up. The additional funds can also be granted for couples. However, double funding of a child is excluded. The child's birth certificate and travel documents are considered as proof.

Students with a degree of disability (GdB) of 20 or more or a chronic illness that leads to additional financial needs abroad can apply for this Top-Up. Proof of disability is provided in the form of a disability certificate or a medical certificate confirming that the chronic illness results in additional financial needs abroad.

Who can participate in the Taiwan Erasmus+ Programme?

You can apply for a place in the Erasmus+ Programme if you are

  • are enrolled for full-time studies (studies leading to a degree) at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. International students who do not have their main residence in the target country may also apply.
  • are at least in their 3rd semester of higher education at the beginning of the stay.
  • can prove sufficient knowledge of the language of instruction at the partner university (English and, if applicable, Chinese).


Submit the completed application form together with the following documents by e-mail to

Selection procedure

A committee consisting of representatives from your department and the International Office selects the most suitable applicants. Important criteria for the decision are academic suitability, the meaningfulness of the planned stay in relation to your studies, country and language skills and intercultural interest. In addition, we expressly encourage students who meet the requirements for a special grant according to the above criteria to apply.

You have been selected for an Erasmus+ stay - now what?

After the selection, you will receive the acceptance or rejection of your application by e-mail.

The selected students are nominated by the International Office at the partner university: between February and May for the winter semester and between September and November for the summer semester. With the nomination, we register you there for an exchange semester.

You must then register or apply at the partner university! After you have been nominated, you will receive the necessary information about the deadlines from the host university.

You will then be admitted by the partner university and enrolled there as an exchange student. Nevertheless, please make sure to re-register at University of Applied Sciences Potsdam!

The financial support is included in the allocated exchange place. You do not have to apply again! However, you must follow the following steps or submit the necessary documents by the deadline:

  • Learning Agreement: In the Learning Agreement, you list the courses you will take at the partner university. You also note the courses for which you would like to have these courses from abroad recognised. The document is signed by you, a responsible person at the partner university and the responsible person in your degree programme/department. You can find the template in the download area (see below). Please remember to upload the scanned document with the three signatures to the online portal.
  • Grant Agreement: This document is the grant agreement in which the funding amount and the period of stay are determined. The document will be sent to you by the International Office via email. You must sign it and return the original to the International Office.
  • Online language test OLS: The online language test in the language of instruction of the stay is compulsory for Erasmus+ participation (except for native speakers). The result of the test has no impact on the participation in the mobility. As a participant, you will take a language test before the start of your stay abroad. You will receive the access data by e-mail. After the test, you will receive access to the online language course.

  • Participation report: All students funded by Erasmus+ are obliged to answer an online final report (EU Survey) of the EU Commission. You will receive the link to it by email.
  • Letter of Confirmation: At the end of your stay, the host university will confirm your actual arrival and departure dates on the Letter of Confirmation document. If these differ from the dates in the Grant Agreement, the mobility grant may have to be recalculated.
  • Transcript of Records: After the examinations, the host university issues a Transcript of Records listing the achievements made abroad.

Application for recognition: After you have received the Transcript of Records, you can submit the application for recognition of work done abroad to your contact person in the department or degree programme.


Declaration on honour lower chances Taiwan (PDF, 153.22 KB)
Honourable statement on applying for top-ups for students with fewer opportunities
Vorlage Übersetzung Leistungsübersicht - Transcript of Records (DOCX, 49.57 KB)
Vorlage für die Übersetzung der Leistungsübersicht im Kontext von Auslandsaufenthalten