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Projects of the Civil Engineering Department

    Schrägansicht der Längsseite des Gehilfenhauses der Melonerie im Park Sanssouci

    Servants' Lodge of the Melonerie in Sanssouci Park

    Draft of a refurbishment strategy in line with heritage requirements

    Erdgeschoss - Blick in den ehemaligen Fahrstuhlschacht

    The Tower of the Former "Neuer Tornow" Restaurant of the Meyer Brewery

    Building research and construction survey to check the worthiness of monuments as well as the planning of restoration measures and possible utilisation concepts

    Geschlossene Verbunddübel an einer Brücke

    Project "Geschlossene Verbunddübel und geschlossene Verbunddübelleisten (CCD)"

    Performance overview of the research focus "GESCHLOSSENE VERBUNDDÜBEL (CCD)".

    The research project investigates the advantages of closed compound dowels and closed compound dowel bars (CCD) and is intended to prepare further research projects in the subject area.

    Ansicht der Ostfassade des Zehnthauses in Schweigen-Rechtenbach

    The Cultural Monument Tithe House in Schweigen-Rechtenbach

    Completion of the building history development and drafting of a redevelopment strategy

    Spannungs-Dehnungslinien für Normalbeton je nach Temperatur

    Fire Protection in Underground Transport Systems

    Structural considerations taking into account settlement-sensitive superstructures

    Blick in den großen Hörsaal der FH Potsdam vor Beginn der digitalen Klausur

    Digital Teaching: PeP – Electronic Examination Project

    In the interdisciplinary project "PeP – Projekt elektronische Prüfung", digital examination formats are to be developed, used and evaluated for 12 digitised lectures in four departments at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.

    Modernisation of the Servo-Hydraulic Control of the Test Cylinder

    With the modernisation of the servo-hydraulic test cylinder control system procured in this ERDF project from the InfraFEI 2021 funding programme, the laboratory is able to carry out examinations of building structures, components and fasteners as part of research projects and final theses with a focus on building maintenance.

    Measuring Equipment for Fast Electrical Recording of Mechanical, Climatic Parameters in Mobile and Stationary Use

    With the measurement technology equipment procured in this ERDF project from the InfraFEI 2021 funding programme, building reactions can be recorded, evaluated, analysed, assessed and findings derived.

    Ansicht des Küster- und Pfarrwitwenhauses in Nehringen

    The Sexton's and Parish Widow's House in Nehringen

    The aim of the work was to record the state of preservation and the original construction phase as well as to develop a concept for the permanent preservation of the building.

    Gezeichnete Pläne mit verschiedenen Ansichten der Löwen-Adler-Kaserne in Elstal

    The Löwen-Adler Barracks in Elstal

    Conversion concepts for the main building of the Löwen-Adler barracks in Elstal

    Ansicht von Nord-Osten

    Renovation and Extension Concept for the Friedensstadt School Building

    Renovation and extension concept with the aim of re-use for the listed school building of the Friedensstadt Weißenberg in Glau