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Living in Potsdam


Living in Potsdam and Berlin is expensive. The cost of rent is one of the biggest items in financing your studies. There are various ways to limit the costs.


The Studentenwerk Potsdam offers an overview of all student housing locations in Potsdam. In addition to classic rooms in a large hall of residence, there are also shared rooms, one-room flats, rooms for couples and rooms for students with children, as well as housing options for the disabled. But beware: places in the student residences are limited and demand is high! You must apply in good time! You can apply for a place directly online at the Studentenwerk.

Living for Help

With the project "Wohnen für Hilfe – Geben. Nehmen. Leben" live cheaply in Potsdam and do good at the same time? The Studentenwerk Potsdam would like to bring students and people with free housing together in housing partnerships.

This is how it works: In a housing partnership, the housing partners jointly determine the housing conditions and the rules for living together. The rule of thumb is: for every square metre of occupied living space, those taking up the accommodation offer one hour of help per month to those providing the accommodation. For a room of 15 square metres, this means 15 hours of assistance per month.
The Studentenwerk Potsdam advises and finds housing partners. The offer is free of charge.

Shared Apartment

If you would prefer to live in a shared flat (WG), you can find like-minded people here:

In addition, you can look for groups on Facebook to search for flats and flat-shares.

Found Accommodation?

As soon as you have found accommodation, you must register at the relevant residents' registration office within 14 days. This applies to every move, regardless of whether you are moving within a city or moving to a city from another city or country. To register, you must go in person to the residents' registration office in your place of residence. Appointments can be booked online. After registering, you will receive your registration confirmation. You will need the Meldebestätigung, among other things, to apply for a residence permit or to open a bank account.

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