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Campus Specialists in the Information Sciences Department

Offers of the Campus Specialists in the Information Sciences Department

Cover des Podcast über Informations- und Datenmanagement

Podcast by Tim and Elias

In their podcast, Tim and Elias talk about tips and strategies for studying and which courses have caused them the biggest hurdles.

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Cover des Podcast über Archiv- und Bibliothekswissenschaft

Podcast by Santiago and Carolin

Santiago and Carolin in the podcast about the two degree programmes Archival Studies and Library Sciences.

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CampusTalk from Tim

Tim talks about his studies in Information Studies

CampusTalk on Vimeo

CampusTalk by Jonas

Jonas talks about his experiences in the library sciences degree programme.

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CampusTalk with Annabell

Annabell Haseloff from the Archival Studies degree programme reports on how she found her way to her degree programme, what makes it and studying at the FHP in general so special and what she envisages for her own future.

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Portrait der Campuspezialistin Robynne

Robynne, Archival Studies

What I like about my degree programme is...
...that it offers a well-balanced range of courses from teaching archivespecific expertise to examining our place in the information society, democracy and the rule of law, to discovering personal focal points of interest in changing projects, collaborations and workshops.

My favourite course is...
...the workshop in the first semester. I found it great to meet students from the other information science subjects here.

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Degree programmes of the Information Sciences Department

Weitere Studiengänge
Degree programme Teaching language Start of study Application deadline
Archival Studies (BA) German Winter semester
15/06 – 15/08 (free of admission)
Digital Data Management (MA) German Summer semester
Note: No enrolment for summer semester 2024
Information Studies (BA) German Winter semester
15/06 – 15/08 (free of admission)
Library Sciences (BA) German Winter semester
15/06 – 15/08 (free of admission)