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Information & Mailroom in the Main Building

The reception in the main building of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam is your central contact point for receiving and forwarding information, for damage reports and first aid. The reception also houses the telephone exchange, the key issuing office, the lost property office and the mail room.


The mail room in the main building is the central point for all incoming and outgoing mail at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. It is staffed by the security service.

Opening hours

Opening hours are monday to friday from 7.30 - 9.00 and 11.00 - 12.00 am. The post office is closed on public holidays and at the turn of the year.

Each department/Area has an in-house post box so that mail can be collected outside opening hours using the assigned key. There is a central inbox for mail to be handed in.


The mail comes to the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam mail room at different times from the various service providers. It is opened according to the postal regulations and stamped with the date of receipt. The mail is then distributed to the mailboxes of the individual departments/areas. Larger packages, parcels and freight items received in the mail room are prepared for further transport via the building management department.


The mail items are sorted by cost centre, franked and made available to the building management department or the postal services for further transport.

If you have any questions about prices, the best way to send mail, insurance benefits in the event of loss or damage to mail, etc., please contact the staff of the mail room.

Mail distribution cupboard house 4

So that internal mail does not have to be carried unnecessarily from House 4 to the mail room in the main building and back again, there is a mail distribution box in House 4/ Room 2.10 (copy room). Mail is taken from the central outgoing mail box no. 24 at least once at lunchtime and once at night by the security service and brought to the mail room in the main building for distribution. The large compartment D is also available for enveloped/packaged mail. No circulation folders or similar items may be placed here, as the height of the compartment means that the loose contents could fall out.

Processing notes

bR = please consultation
bV = please lecture
Urgent = to be treated preferentially
fR = telephone consultation
immediately = to be dealt with before anything else
WV = resubmission
z. d. A. = on file
zV = to the case
Ø = copy


Bereichsleiter Poststelle

Lukas Heck

Lukas Heck, M. A.

Bereichsleiter Hochschularchiv u. Stellvertretung im Veranstaltungsmanagement