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Urban Futures

The Master's programme Urban Futures is a full-time programme including a research internship therein and concludes with a Master of Arts degree. The programme is designed as a four-semester course that offers students from different disciplinary backgrounds the possibility of inter- and transdisciplinary study.

Balkone mit grünen Pflanzen an einem Hochhaus

Institute for Applied Research Urban Futures (IaF)

The Institute for Applied Research takes up inter- and transdisciplinary issues of urban developments and works on them in research projects of the Master's programme Urban Futures.

Institute for Applied Research Urban Futures

Research Projects

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Centrum für Metropolinnovation in Bratislava

CMI.BA – Center for Metropolitan Innovation in Bratislava

Model project of an ecologically and socially sustainable building modernization of the Nová Cvernovka Foundation in Bratislava, Slovakia


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Gruppe vor der Moschee Bibi-Chanun in Samarkand
CITY | BUILDING | CULTURE Civil Engineering
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Successful conclusion of the Summer School in Bukhara with final presentations

After almost two weeks in Uzbekistan with documentation work in the Medrese Kukeldash in Bukhara, the Summer School 2022 ended successfully with presentations of the interdisciplinary working groups.

Studierende vor der Kukeldash Medrese in Buchara
CITY | BUILDING | CULTURE Civil Engineering International Office
Study & Teaching


Successful start of the German-Uzbek Summer School 2022 in Bukhara

From 12 - 23.09.2022 a German-Uzbek Summer School in the project "Interdisciplinary at the Monument - Transfer, innovative methods and research-based learning in practical projects for the preservation of the cultural heritage of Uzbekistan" will take place at the Kukeldash Mederese in Bukhara.


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Student Counselling Service, Social and Educational Sciences, CITY | BUILDING | CULTURE, Civil Engineering, Design, Information Sciences Party
2023/10/04 09:00 – 10:30
Zielgruppe: Students
Location: Main BuildingRoom Großer Hörsaal


Programme Management

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Prytula

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Prytula

Forschungsprofessor für ressourcenoptimiertes und klimaangepasstes Bauen
Studiengangsleiter Urbane Zukunft (M. A.)