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Zoom at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

The Zoom campus licence allows all students and employees of the university to initiate audio and video events for university purposes with up to 300 active participants.

Notes on the Use of Zoom

Login to Zoom is only possible via Single Sign-on (SSO). This increases the security of this system. Use the following link to log in: You can also use Zoom clients.

University Communications will provide virtual backgrounds for your video conference. If you have trouble setting this up, this guide to setting up Zoom backgrounds will help. If you are logged in to the Zoom Client with your Campus.Account, you will also be offered the backgrounds directly.

Login to Zoom Client

Zoom Anmeldung Client Screenshot-1

Step 1

In the login window, click Log in with SSO.

Zoom Anmeldung Client Screenshot-2

Step 2

The company domain at Zoom of University of Applied Sciences is fh-potsdam.


Stephan Schier
Stellvertretender Leiter Zentrale IT
Adminstrator Infrastruktur