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Social Management – Practical and Inspiring: Interview with Jan Schlotter

Further education

Experience social management up close! In an exclusive series of interviews, our lecturers give you a look behind the scenes. Learn how practical seminars not only challenge students, but also encourage them. Discover why experienced experts have chosen the FH Potsdam and what insights they have to offer.

Part 4: Jan Schlotter

What would you like to teach students enrolled in the Master's programme in Social Management?

I want to prepare students to become not just passive observers, but active creators in the field of social management. Overall, my aim is to offer students a balanced mix of theory and practice. In this way, they can benefit from my many years of experience as a manager and at the same time deepen their own experience in an interactive and supportive environment.

In my programme, the focus is on keeping the amount of theoretical knowledge to be imparted manageable, while at the same time ensuring that this theory is well-founded and solidly understood. An important element of this is the joint development of points of view in the team and practice using practical examples. In the seminars, I attach great importance to the opportunity for reflection from practice and interactive exchange between the students.

What do you incorporate into your seminars from your professional practice?

I bring extensive management experience from a professional career spanning over 30 years to my seminars. During this time, I have managed numerous teams and hired more than 150 employees. This practical experience is extremely valuable for the students as it gives them authentic insights into the reality of the world of work and leadership.

Why did you decide to teach at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam?

The decision to accept a teaching position at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam was based on the high quality of teaching in the field of social management in the Berlin-Brandenburg region. The curriculum, the committed lecturers, the competent programme team and ultimately the university as a whole form an extremely attractive overall package. These factors always make it easy for me to respond positively to teaching enquiries and to support the degree programme as a lecturer.

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