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Press release

Inaugural Lecture by Prof. Dipl.-Rest. Mechthild Noll-Minor

Porträt Mechthild Noll-Minor
Prof. Dipl.-Rest. Mechthild Noll-Minor © privat

On the occasion of her appointment as Honorary Professor of Restauration in Monument Conservation at the Department of CITY | BUILDING | CULTURE, Prof. Dipl.-Rest. Mechthild Noll-Minor will give her inaugural lecture entitled "Restauration in the Conservation of Monuments: Highlights, Structures and Drop Shadows".

Highlights from current research and conservation projects in the state of Brandenburg – and beyond – show the necessity and opportunities for good cooperation between the players in monument conservation.
The transdisciplinary nature of research and practice in restoration will be examined in more detail using case studies. Aspects of the recording of cultural heritage, participation in complex monument conservation projects as well as research into the further development of low-destruction investigation methods and mediation through imaging techniques in interaction with considered, restrained interventions on the object are examined.

By understanding heritage conservation not only as the task of the authorities, but also as a social responsibility for the intergenerational transmission of culture and tangible historical testimonies, the interaction between experts and enthusiasts is also essential for the process of preserving cultural heritage.
"Where there is light, there is also shadow!" – How can professional quality be ensured in heritage conservation? Is the avoidance of losses primarily a question of supervising and monitoring projects or of detailed guidelines and standards? How can professional expertise be successfully asserted in competition?

About the person

Mechthild Noll-Minor initially studied mathematics for two years and, after an internship at the Institute for Monument Conservation in Berlin, studied "Restauration of Wall Painting and Historic Architectural Colour" at the University of Fine Arts Dresden.
Since then, she has contributed her professional experience from ten years of freelance work and since 2003 as head of the Restauration/Building Research Department at the Brandenburg State Office for the Preservation of Monuments and Archaeological State Museum in Zossen to teaching at various universities.
As part of the professional responsibility of the State Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments for the cultural heritage of the State of Brandenburg, she supervises a wide range of restoration projects. She works and researches primarily in the specialisation of wall painting and architectural surfaces – but also in interdisciplinary research and conservation projects through concept development, restoration investigation, specialist planning and restoration construction supervision.

Inaugural lecture

When: 21st of November 2023, 6.00 pm
Where: House D / 011
Online: Participation via Zoom
The inaugural lecture is open to the public and embedded in the guest lecture series of the degree programme Conservation and Restauration. Interested parties are welcome.