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Laboratory and Workshop Building (LW)

Labor- und Werkstättengebäude Campusplan
Labor- und Werkstattgebäude der FH Potsdam

In the Laboratory and Workshop Building (LW) you will find:

  • Lecture hall (LW / room 201)


  • Analytical Laboratory
  • Design studio rooms
  • Model-making workshop (also: Design Department)
  • Workshop of the field of study wood
  • Workshop of the field of study metal
  • Workshop of the field of study stone
  • Workshop of the field of study mural painting
  • 3D Lab (model making)

Civil Engineering Department

  • Construction laboratory for structural engineering (test hall)
  • Laboratory for Building Informatics
  • Laboratory for Building Physics
  • Laboratory for Building Materials
  • Laboratory for Foundation Engineering and Soil Mechanics

  • Laboratory for Mobility Systems

  • Water Laboratory

Design Department

  • Bookbinding workshop
  • Computer labs

  • Photo labs

  • Graphic lab/screen printing workshop

  • Graphic AR Lab

  • Interface Lab
  • Laboratory for DTP, digital printing and colour management

  • Model making, painting and metal workshop

  • Modelling workshop

  • Multimedia and video lab

  • UX - User Experience Lab

  • Workshop for digital model making

  • Typography workshop

Information Sciences Department

  • Digitisation Lab – Retrospective Digitisation and Digital Archiving Lab