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Concrete Canoe Construction for the 19th German Concrete Canoe Regatta 2024

In this project, students from the Departments of Civil Engineering and Design are designing and building concrete boats to compete against teams from all over Germany at the concrete canoe regatta in Brandenburg an der Havel in June 2024.

Studierende mit den Schalungselementen für den Rumpf des Betonkanus
© T. Sklarz
Cooperation project
Student project

Preparations have been in full swing for months: last winter semester, the calculations for the canoe with which the FH;PeliKanus team will take part in the concrete canoe regatta from the 14th to 15th of June 2024 in Brandenburg an der Havel were carried out as part of the "Konstruktiv" project.

The calculations will serve as the basis for the current design in the summer semester of 2024. The aim is to produce two boats for the sporting competition, each with a men's, women's and mixed team. In addition, the FH Potsdam casino will produce a floating tram for the open class competition.

The concrete canoe regatta is more than just a sporting competition. This event is about the perfect combination of concrete construction technology, boat design and teamwork. The challenge: to build the lightest and most robust concrete canoe possible that floats and is fast.

Project status - The FH;Pelikanus is warming up

  • In the 19th calendar week, the Styrodur formwork was completed after a long period of milling, gluing and grinding.
  • The first boat in the competition class was concreted on the 13th of May.
  • The boat was stripped of its formwork on the 21st of May. Thanks to the epoxy resin layer between the formwork and the concrete, the process went smoothly and without breakage.
  • The design of the regatta shirts was finalised so that they could be printed. The T-shirts are produced sustainably and locally at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam using its in-house printing machines. The choice of colour is based on the iconic green of the ViP to better show the common front that is formed with the casino tram.
  • The athletes can hardly wait for the regatta and are training with team leader Elias at the Olympic training centre in Potsdam. Anyone interested in becoming a substitute paddler can contact Prof. Brendike.

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