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Travelling Exhibition KREUZ & QUER – Life Journeys of Women in Brandenburg

The exhibition "Kreuz & Quer – Lebenswege von Frauen in Brandenburg" aims to encourage female school leavers to go their own way.

Coveransicht des Katalogs zur Ausstellung Kreuz & Quer
Start date:
Cooperation project
Cooperation partners:
  • Maren Herbst (copywriter and editor)
  • Paula Breithaupt (photographer)
  • Kathrin Pieritz (illustrator)



Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health, Women and Family in Brandenburg, with funding from the Equality Policy Framework Programme

Life paths without breaks and detours are rare, but can still lead to professional and private fulfilment. This is also shown in the portrait photographs and interviews with twelve women of different ages and from different places in Brandenburg, which can be seen in the exhibition "Kreuz & Quer – Lebenswege von Frauen in Brandenburg". Whether they are writers, actresses, computer scientists or entrepreneurs – their career paths have rarely been straightforward. Reconciling work and family was and still is an important issue for most of them. The women talk about their successes, doubts, defeats, hopes and wishes.

Their message(s) to girls and young women who are still at the beginning of their search are: That many paths and also detours can lead to the dream job, that career and family do not have to exclude each other, but are not easily compatible either, that career and happiness in life can be mutually dependent, but do not have to be – and that there can be very different ideas of what professional fulfilment and happiness mean.

In the exhibition, the following women talk about their career orientation phase: the writer Grit Poppe, the country doctor Uta Pannwitz, the actress Isabell Gerschke, the cultural manager Anja Engel, the former police chief Uta Leichsenring, the computer scientist Cindy Perscheid, the social worker Doreen Mora Rubi, the children's rights activist Katja Neels, the entrepreneur Goedele Mathyssen, the journalist Sabine Schicketanz, the civil engineer Christiane Kaiser and the midwife Claudia Krönke.

The exhibition KREUZ+QUER was conceived and professionally accompanied by Andrea Schmidt, professor for pedagogical action concepts at the Department of Social and Educational Sciences at University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, and realised by the copywriter and editor Maren Herbst and the photographer Paula Breithaupt. Kathrin Pieritz contributed the illustrations for the exhibition and exhibition catalogue. The project was made possible and supported by the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health, Women and Family in Brandenburg, with funds from the Equality Policy Framework Programme.

Since the vernissage on 2 November 2016 at the FH Potsdam, the exhibition has been on tour. The loan modalities are uncomplicated – we look forward to your interest!

Scope of the exhibition:

  • 12 framed portrait photographs (50cm x 70cm) + 1 poster
  • 12 flags (to attach to the picture frames)
  • Exhibition catalogue (number to be specified)

Technique: The frames can be attached to existing exhibition systems or directly to the wall. The flags are inserted into the side of the frames. We will be happy to send you detailed information on the exhibition on request.

Loan modalities: The period of loan is determined individually, but depends on existing requests. Collection, transport and return usually have to be organised by the lending institution. We will be happy to assist you with hanging the exhibition on request.

Please note: The black exhibition system is not part of the loan!


You want to exhibit KREUZ & QUER in your institution or have more detailed questions? Give us a call or send us an email!
Phone: +49 331 580-1080