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SoNAR (IDH): Interfaces to Data for Historical Social Network Analysis and Research

Project to investigate and demonstrate a research technology for historical network analysis

Logo des Forschungsprojekts "Interfaces to Data for Historical Social Network Analysis and Research"
Research project
Digital Transformation – Urban Futures

SoNAR (IDH) is testing the development of a research technology for historical network analysis (HNA). The project ties in with the composite repositories of KPE, ZDB and GND and closes a serious gap in services for historical research. In future, researchers investigating topics and research questions with the HNA will be able to access a standardised, supra-regionally available service. Dealing with diverse subject-specific data formats or the recurring construction of specific technical infrastructures will become secondary; the data once recorded in the union repositories will be available with SoNAR (IDH) via machine and intuitive user interfaces.

Challenges to be addressed in the project are: Quality and timeliness of processed data, transparency of processing and reproducibility of results, usability and extensibility of technology, visualisation and interaction with data, data collection and correction, implementation and operation, and quality assurance of results.

More information on the project website:

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Prof. Dr. Marian Dörk

Prof. Dr. Marian Dörk

Research professor for Information Visualization & Management
Co-director of Urban Complexity Lab (UCLAB)


Mark-Jan Bludau, M.A.

Mark-Jan Bludau, M. A.

Academic assistant at UCLAB in the research project "GraDiM: Granularitäten von Zerstreuung und Materialität – Visualisierung eines Fotoarchivs über Diaspora"