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Schrankhaus – Tiny House

As part of an Interflex project, students of Product Design and Urban Future explored, developed and depicted future living spaces.

Gespräche an der Tür vom Schrankhaus
© Pigage
Transfer project
Cooperation project
Teaching project
Interdisciplinary project (InterFlex)
Digital Transformation – Urban Futures
Cooperation partners:

Department of Wood Engineering at the University for Sustainable Development (HNE) Eberswalde
Prof. Klaus Dreiner & Bärbel Jäckel
Alfred-Möller-Strasse 1
16225 Eberswalde

The Schrankhaus concept was developed as part of the university project "Mobiles Wohnen / Urbane Zukunft" of the product design course. Over a period of three semesters since 2014, several teachers, 20 cooperation partners and sponsors, as well as around 60 students from the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam and the University of Applied Sciences Eberswalde (HNEE) were active within the large-scale project.

The participants explored current and visionary questions: How much space do people really need to live in? What will temporary housing of the future look like? Does adequate living space really need more and more space?

At two fairs, teachers and students presented their answers to the public for the first time in the form of a walk-in prototype. In cooperation with the HNE Eberswalde, a prototype was produced on a 1:1 scale and presented to the public at the IMM Furniture Fair 2016 in Cologne and the international trade fair for construction and building technology Bautec 2016 in Berlin.

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Logo von Bau
Logo von HNEE

Person responsible for the project

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Prytula
Research professor for resource-optimised and climate-adapted construction
Head of Urban Future (M. A.)
Prof. Dr. des. Marion Godau-Deekeling
Professor of Design, Cultural and Art History
Specialist author and curator

Other project participants

Phase 1 & 2 | Students FHP

Phase 1 – Theory & Concepts:
Olena Bardina, Leonie Daase, Beatrice Durante, Alexander Hering, Mina Maroufi, Amedeo Noris, Lucas Pohl, Le Quang Long, Maja Rafalowicz, Georgios Stefanakos, Magdalena Dziewit, Florian Heinrich.

Phase 1 –  Design:
Franz Dietrich, Leon Kürzeder, Christian Rühlmann, Alexander Hering, Daniela Pusch, Florian Heinrich, Max Fischer, Helena Schwarzer

Phase 3 | HNEE students

Phase 3 – Prototype Construction:
Arvid Berg, Maximilian Erb, David Gwiszcz, Leonard Hecker, Benjamin Hinz, Simon Hohstadt, Ruven Kempgen, Paul Kirste, Anton Mertzlufft, Christian Mey, Marius Möhring, Martin Pieper, Julian Poss, Tony Vollbrecht, Florian Vo