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Social Management – Practical and Inspiring: Interview with Daniela Galetto

Further education

Experience social management up close! In an exclusive series of interviews, our lecturers give you a look behind the scenes. Learn how practical seminars not only challenge students, but also encourage them. Discover why experienced experts have chosen the FH Potsdam and what insights they have to offer.

Part 2: Daniela Galetto

What would you like to teach students enrolled in the Master's programme in Social Management?

In my programme, I provide a systematic overview of the origins and current concepts of personnel development and retention. I see both as fundamental management tools for strategic and operational HR work. This involves the ability to recognise development needs, formulate development goals and select and apply suitable concepts and instruments. However, it is also about critically reflecting on existing concepts and tools in your own organisation and adapting them to your own organisational circumstances.

Every personnel development measure or intervention goes through a cycle of preparation, implementation, transfer and reflection. As this compact seminar is a personnel development measure in itself, I also offer a virtual kick-off in the run-up to the seminar and a virtual follow-up after the compact seminar. In the follow-up, we reflect together on the results of your practical interventions during the transfer phase, true to the motto: There is no learning without reflection. I always enjoy holding this seminar and seeing how many new insights are gained by the seminar participants, but also how many competences are built up.

What do you incorporate from your professional practice into your seminars?

I have been working as a personnel developer in commercial enterprises for 24 years. During this long period, I have become familiar with many facets of this profession. I was able to gain a deep insight into needs assessment, needs analysis (diagnostics), conceptualisation, support and evaluation of personnel development measures for employees and managers. As a psychologist, it was important to me to stay close to the people in the organisations and to support them in their personal and professional development. Over the years, I have therefore not only designed numerous HR and organisational development consultations, training courses, coaching sessions and team development measures in Germany and abroad, but have also carried them out myself. For the past 4 years, I have been managing large HR development projects for the Volkswagen brand as well as the Volkswagen Group. Over the years, I have also held various positions: Specialist consultant, project manager, head of department and manager. These roles in turn gave me a deeper understanding of the impact of structures and processes on people.

Why did you decide to teach at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam?

Personally, I found it exciting to broaden my perspective once again and to deal with personnel development work in non-profit organisations and to work out the similarities and differences with the profit sector. I also enjoy working with groups and feel privileged to be able to pass on my knowledge and experience.

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