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EcoDM: Ecosystem Data Management – Analyses – Recommendations – FAIRification

EcoDM is a collaborative project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and running until March 2022. The project partners are the German Archaeological Institute (DAI), the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (FHP) and the Helmholtz Open Science Office, which is based at the Helmholtz Centre Potsdam – German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ).

Logo des Forschungsprojekts "EcoDM"
Research project
Digital Transformation – Urban Futures
Organisational Unit:
Cooperation partners:
  • HELMHOLTZ Open Science Office
  • German Archaeological Institute
Federal Ministry of Education and Research, FKZ: 16DWWQP04

EcoDM aims to investigate the topic of FAIR data management – a key topic for the development of future collaborative European data ecosystems – in depth in Germany in the four selected areas of science, public sector, business and qualification and across these areas.

Despite rapidly increasing discourses, cross-domain communication is still quite rare. Consequently, EcoDM supports related stakeholders to overcome the boundaries of domains and disciplines and move towards a more pluralistic and fruitful discourse on digital data management.

Leading data producers from academia, the public sector, business and skills development are brought together to jointly develop recommendations for action for a democratic, fair, inclusive, sustainable and interoperable digital data ecosystem.

With regard to the development and governance of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), GAIA-X and the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI), EcoDM fills a gap in terms of FAIR data management and at the same time builds the bridge to planned German and European developments. [More on the background of the project...]

On the one hand, EcoDM will bring European and international developments, discussions and concrete implementations into the German discourse, both within and across the fields under consideration. On the other hand, EcoDM will also contribute to bringing specific and general needs, lighthouse projects, question marks, tools, but also concrete implementations etc. from Germany into the international discourse.


To develop the results, qualitative expert interviews will be conducted in the respective areas and combined with a focus group discussion. In parallel, a cross-sectoral landscape and gap analysis will be carried out.

The project progress and findings will be published and made available in open access via the EcoDM information and communication portal. Thus, the results and further information are documented and can be supplemented and discussed there by other interested parties. This enables the active inclusion of input from those not directly involved, so that specific aspects and needs can also be taken into account in the follow-up.

By analysing existing infrastructures and networks as well as gaps, EcoDM will develop recommendations for action for a sustainable data management ecosystem in Germany. These will provide a sound overview of existing needs, challenges and solution strategies and will help to complement and support national and international strategies to promote cultural change towards cross-sectoral data exchange.

Project goals and milestones

  • Landscape and gap analysis for all sectors
  • Area-specific expert interviews
  • Cross-cutting focus group discussion
  • Training and workshops
  • Implementation of satellite events on the RDA-DE
  • Promotion of young researchers
  • Community engagement
  • Publication of the final report with recommendations for action
  • Final event


Further information: Project - EcoDM - Data Management Ecosystem

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Project management

Project management

  • Christoph Bruch
  • Henriette Senst
  • Raphael Ritz


Academic Assistant Research Data Management
Project Coordinator Project IN-FDM-BB (HAWs)
Christine Burkart
Project Administrator/Coordinator EcoDM

Other participants


  • Janina Richter
  • Paul Friedrich Walter
  • Maria Chlastak
  • Jasper Bothe
  • Esther Schneidenbach
  • Laura Rothfritz
  • Kaja Scheliga
  • Reinhard Messerschmidt
  • Florian Müller
  • Kristen Endres