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Divided by Design

An orientation towards more gender-equitable design

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Forming Society
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Design influences gender inequities and the negation of non-binary genders. Gender-insensitive design can stabilise and harden these injustices.

If designers become more sensitive to the interplay between gender and design and become aware of the power that designed artefacts can have on users, they will be able to reduce structural discrimination in societies. For designers, both formal aesthetic and formal functional attributes play a role in shaping the appearance of artefacts, as well as scripts that illuminate the interplay between artefact and user.

The website summarises this and helps designers to implement gender justice in their work and thus to design artefacts that respond to the individual needs of users.

Master's thesis by Daphne Braun

Prof. Franziska Morlok & Prof. Constanze Langer

Project participants

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Prof. Constanze Langer

Prof. Constanze Langer

Professor for Visual Interface Design