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Design "0̶8̶1̶5̶ "

In the "Design nicht 0815" project, the curricula of the design degree programmes at FH Potsdam are being further developed with the aim of integrating central competences for the digitally shaped world of work.

Teaching project
Digital Transformation – Urban Futures
Donors' Association for the Promotion of Sciences and Humanities in Germany

Digital & Data Literacy

The reason for the reform project is the profound change in the professional profile of the design professions in the context of digitalisation. Designers are increasingly confronted with complex data briefings for the development of products and services. In addition to already implemented learning content on data visualisation, there is therefore a need for the integration of learning content on data quality & data uncertainty, machine learning & data mining, statistical & quantitative analysis and data ethics into the curricula of design degree programmes.

In addition, the professional field of design disciplines is characterised by ever shorter innovation cycles with regard to technological tools, e.g. software, sensor technology, manufacturing technologies. Design students have to learn to deal with a wide range of technological tools and to acquire techniques for acquiring and evaluating new tools themselves.

Problem Solving Strategies

On the other hand, the job description of designers is expanding from the design of specific products and services to the moderation of user-led design processes. In addition to the original design and creative skills, familiarity with social research, with organisational sociological principles as well as with communication concepts and didactic mediation methods is relevant. This multidisciplinary contextual knowledge should enable the future designers to solve professional problems adequately even in complex situations.

Transferability of the project results

The project aims to make the developed contents and didactic methods available for interdisciplinary application. In order to consider the reusability already in the conception phase, the development will be carried out from the beginning against the backdrop of the Bachelor's degree programmes of the Department of Information Sciences. Since there are clear overlapping fields of content and at the same time great differences in the didactic structure of the curricula of the information science degree programmes compared to the design degree programmes, these curricula are suitable as a practical test for the transferability of the content and methods developed for the design context.

Schedule and course of the project

Projektverlauf des Forschungsprojekts "Design 0815"
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Project management

Prof. Constanze Langer
Professor for Visual Interface Design
Prof. Dr. Frank Heidmann
Research Professor for Design of Software Interfaces
Programme Director for Design (M. A.)
Prof. Dr. Antje Michel
Professor of Information Didactics and Knowledge Transfer