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From summer 2024: CAS further education in social management

Further education
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The Potsdam University of Applied Sciences is expanding its range of courses from the summer semester 2024 to include Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) programmes in social management. Four programmes, each with 300 hours, offer practice-oriented insights into various aspects of social management.

The CAS programmes are characterised by their adaptability to individual goals, as participants can choose from four different programmes. The highly specialised CAS programmes offer insights into various areas of social management, from leadership and management to organisational development, financing and contemporary leadership topics. The practice-oriented further education programmes are designed to equip participants with the necessary tools for a successful career in leading positions in social organisations. Innovative teaching methods are used to promote a reflective leadership role and master current challenges.

The Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) is an important additional qualification that increases attractiveness on the labour market and enables lifelong learning. The CAS programmes are made up of courses from the state-recognised and accredited Master's degree programme "Social Management - Management and Leadership in Social Work". The knowledge acquired can also be credited to other degree programmes.
Completion of a CAS programme requires the completion of a written assignment that is closely related to practical application in the respective professional field. Three successfully completed CAS programmes and an additional dissertation enable the acquisition of the Diploma in Advanced Studies (DAS).

Prof. Dr. Andrea Schmidt, Academic Director: "The CAS programmes focus on generating knowledge, changing your organisation and reflecting on your own self-image as a manager. Precisely because we have high scientific standards at the university, theory is not an end in itself, but is always interlinked with your own professional practice. The content of our CAS programmes will enrich you and your practice."

The objectives of the CAS programmes include the comprehensive development of leadership skills and practical know-how in social management. This includes building solid leadership foundations, excellent volunteer and volunteer management, promoting staff development and retention, in-depth understanding of organisational development and financing as well as skills development in strategy and management. The programmes also address contemporary challenges in social work.

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